Monday, August 13, 2007

all good things must come to an end

well well well, tonight is the finale of Hells' Kitchen. what a drag. i have become somewhat attached to that show lately. but tonight it's ovah. then, what will i watch on tv. this was really about the only thing that has been worth watching for weeks. i guess the new Fall tv shows will start soon though eh? not sure if anything good will turn out though. guess we shall find out.

so anyhow. pretty lazy , slow day around here today. i didn't leave the house after i got back from the doctor. no errands, no store, no nowhere. unless ya wanna count my room. i did take a nap. didn't help much though. i still feel tired. and FULL. good Lord am i full. the kid has been wanting me to make crab wantons or crab rangoons .. i put it off for several days, but finally made them tonight. i had never made them before. i thought they would be more difficult, but they were pretty simple to make... except easy to burn if you don't keep an eye on em... but nope i didn't burn any. cuz i'm just cool like that. :)) they turned out really good. i could have made them a lot better too if i wanted to spend more time on them, and add a little more stuff, like maybe some cilantro, or green onion, or something...but i kept it pretty basic. but anyhow...ya. easy. and yummy.
and i made chicken stir fry with rice too, and it was good.
and the girl was happy, she liked the wontons.

so. that is about it i think. not a whole lot happenin around today.

i did look at some comments i wrote last night..and i have no earthly idea what i was talkin about when i said something about gettin barfed on at a barmitzvah. musta been some sleep babble.
no idea.

but anyhow. that is about all i got for now.
c ya round

Because I am ME...

hi folks...

well, i didn't stab my doctor this morning. and there wasn't any sharp objects nearby to shove down HIS throat, or i may have. i did think about it though. i imagine a couple of you wonder how it went... so i shall tell you. not like i wouldn't anyways. i like to pretend that people give a shit what i have to say whether they do or not sometimes. just so i have something to write about. y'all have seen what happens when i have nothing to say; ya end up with fucked up pictures, quizzes, lists, or even worse... random shit about ME. oh c'mon you know you love it.

so, anyhow... i will start with the fact that i have been feeling rather lousy for a couple months i guess. (for those who are kinda new , and don't know that). getting dizzy, nauseas, fatigued, just bleak i guess. so about a month ago, i had a upper endoscopy, biopsies of my stomach and esophagus, also esophagus dilation, and a change in stomach meds. OKAY well.. today was my followup appt for that stuff. and here is what came from it....

1. in the last fourweeks i have lost 3 pounds. ( i told y'all i was losin weight) and i just don't know how that's possible. i have been eating like a damned pig lately. i'm hungry ALL the time!

2. the labs they did at ER a few days after the scope.. showed that i am anemic.... hmmm.

3... this raised a red flag to the doc... along with the weight loss third time of unintentional weight loss in like three years... (last two times went as far as 20-25 pounds before i sought treatment)...

4.... the "red flag"... now leads to... one of my favorite things... a colonoscopy! yippee fuckin ay!
they wanted to do it next week !... i said oh helll NO. i need to be mentally prepared for such things! so it will be guess when... september 11th. how odd. but they only do them on tuesdays... sooo that's when it will be. hmmmm

5.. he also had the results of the abdominal ultrasound.... which was basically all in all, good. nothing major, no bleeding or anything. but they found.. well.. i already knew they were there.. but they want now to do a cat scan on my liver for two "possible hemangiomas" ... that may or may not be "something else". hmmmm. okay. whatever. suck me dry bastard.

6. the scope results btw, weren't anything major either.. no bleeds, no scary stuff. reflux, hiatal (sp) hernia,ulcer, some other crap i don't remember, that obviously isn't that important.

so... as far as i can think or remember right now.. that was as far as that went. i had plans to run some errands, but all that shit wore me out. so i just came home. i really need to get out and take care of some business stuff, but i am just immobilized with freakin "soulmange" today. i gotta do somethin about this. 2-3 days of this feeling down in the dumps. too damn hot to go fishin. too damn broke to go do anything else. everybody in blogland is workin. perhaps i will just go run my errands.


i do hope you all are doing something productive and feeling good today

i missed the meteor show, but i have a giant one on my FACE

mornin peeps...

did anybody see the meteors last night? i didn't, and i know "simonsays" didn't... i posted my "rant" in the below comments section. it was actually a follow up post all it's own, it is quite long. i think by the time i had finished writing it, my plan was to move it over to the post section... but i was sooo damn tired i couldn't ... too much work. so if ya wanna see how the evening panned out over here... it's over there.

other than that... after i wrote that... (well, to back up a little... yesterday was a rough, tiring, painful, exhaustin, anxiety ridden day... all the way around... so when we got home from the pond i took my sleep meds... which are quite strong meds, and i began to blog, post, and cruise etc.) so anyhow... i posted my comment here, then i went thru blogland... it is now going on 6 am... at this point, i have no idea who's blogs i actually stopped by... or left comments on... what i DO remember, is hubby coming to bed... removing the laptop from my belly... which was turned on, and had a half written comment on it.... to "who"... no idea! but i must say ... i am so very glad that i did not manage to get to the point of actually posting it! he was standing there holding the laptop...laughing his ass off! i woke up in a stupor of course... i'm like what? he shows me this crap i had been "attempting" to write... on , like i said "someones " blog... every other word was underlined in red for spellcheck! i was obviously half ..or more asleep...i couldn't really comprehend much, and now, don't remember anything other than that... i don't know what it "was meant" to say.. or in response to what... but it was a total mess! i don't think he posted it.. i am pretty sure he deleted it... but if anyone gets a very incoherant... drunk sounding comment from me... it was me.. sleep blogging. (blogging under the influence). let me know what i said would ya?

good LORD.

so anyways..
todays agenda?
one step at a time...
smoke and choke..which for those who don't know..i chain smoke and drink coffee til i'm full , and that's what i call it. (in the morning.
step two... shower..
step three
gastro doc followup.
step three..
depends on how sane or Insane i feel at the time. not thinkin that far ahead today.

i got too far ahead of myself yesterday, and it damn near killed me. not literally of course.. but i was not very happy.

i hope everyone has good days today.