Tuesday, August 26, 2008

random babbling from a tired soul

yes peeps-- i know i'm lally-gaggin..
who the hell came up with that word anyhow?
or shenanigans, for that matter?
kids today prolly think anybody who uses either of them oughtta be locked up!
perhaps that is why i like to use them :))
no, not to be locked up-- just for the reaction from my kid-- or her friends.. i think it's fun!

seems i was wrong, in thinkin that my life would slow down and get more chill when school started--very wrong.

two or three weeks before , and now-- only the second day into school... it seems i'm runnin around like a chicken with my head cut off. (nope-- i have never really seen that-- have you?)
but it has been a crazy, hurried , not enough time - month or so. it's just keelin me.

i'm hopin to be caught up on everything soon.
it may be a couple days-- but hopefully not much more than that.

i know i've said it a few times--- but this has really been a rough summer. not the entire summer... but on average? yep-- pret-teeeee bad overall. in more ways than one.
lots of areas to work on in getting a lot of situations back how they need to be. but-- it didn't get this way overnight-- i don't expect it will change overnight either. wish it would though.
but don't we all?

so--- for starters--- i think we will begin with going in debt-- which seems to be one of my main concerns lately. but isn't it always??? why don't i just accept the fact that the whole world has some type of debt-- and just deal with it? ugh.
so anyhow-- that's step one--

my nephew.. is going to come out and stay with my child for a few days-- so we can go to vegas , and meet with jamie and her family out there . woo hoo !!!

i was worried about soulkid not having a place to stay-- or having to send her to arkansas to my sis-- but missing school this early in the year, is just not an option. so yippee-- we get to go !!

i bought his plane ticket last night online-- you won't believe how much it cost. go ahead-- take a wild guess---- if i was smart-- but i'm not-- i would have said-- oh hell no-- we won't go... but i didn't do that. i bought it anyhow. it'll be ok. long story -- but it'll work out in the end-- anyhow
his ticket costed--- $ 333. (and some change) ---

well-- jamie seems to think 333 is my -- or A -- lucky number-- since it seems to come up so often... so-- i'm pretty curious as to how much mine and soulmans tix are gonna cost-- last time i looked they were 3-somethin... but not 333.

so- if they end up 333--or we end up in room 333 or flight 333 or some other weird thing--- you know i'll be bettin on 3's the whole time i'm there !!!

ok.... let's move on, shall we?

aside from school, and travel stuff...
mainly just tryin to get caught up around the house..and other things that i've let slide for the passed couple months. it's a slow go-- but it'll get done-- sooner or later. we have decided to devote labor day weekend to ALL of us workin on the house. from cleaning up-- to the minor fixer upper stuff.
and -- in a couple months it will be cool enough to have my yard sale, so we'll have to get started on sortin through stuff. and by doing that-- we hope to be able to get rid of our storage bin-where we park the boat. cuz without the garage full of crap--it should hold the boat. ahhh-- i hope so.

well.. i think i just realized that this is a pretty boring post.
that , or i'm just tired--- i am dozin off in my chair. ugh. so much for finishing todays "list" -- looks like nap time! and i don't have to feel guilty about it today-- cuz no one will know about it LOL-- well.. cept y'all. :))-- and i don't even have to tell you about all of em. hahahah.
but i usually do. y'all don't think i'm ignorin you if i take a nap tho-- these two do. well, and smocha :))

so anyhow--- that's my day-- or month-- so far.
i'll be back.

ps-- ever live with a dog that had food poisoning?
it is NO fun at ALL.
yes , i speak of eevee.
OMG. bad chicken.. including bones, from the trash... equals two days of -- well... you name it-- we got it.
and yep-- she will be boarded when my nephew is here. she is too unpredictable for anyone to be left alone with.
but sushi will stay-and the cats will. they'll be easy to love.

so-- again.. i'm outta heah-