Thursday, January 6, 2011

"oh my hell" is right !

hiya peeps- and top o' the ,mornin to ya!what's goinin on in your worlds lately?  i reckon if you've been readin what little i been writin here- you have a bit of an idea what's up in my world.  BUT -- just after i finished a cry baby email to a friend of mine about my wrecked car and the stress that follows the unknown that goes with it -- hubby walked in the room and said -- he just got a call from our insurance company!  would y'all believe --- they TOTALLED my car!?  i had no idea there was that much damage.  it trashed the rear axle -- which i think is where the tranny is.. (like a trans-axle) it was leakin brake fluid, the rear tire got smashed in - so i guess the tie rods/bearings etc were trashed,the rear door and quarter panel were trashed,  and i guess the air bags were defective cuz none deployed. -- that was surprising. - shocking even. the car has side airbags and none of those deployed either-- with that force it would seem some of them would have blown.  personally we're glad they didn't -- she rides right up on the steering wheel-- even though i have talked to her about the damage an air bag can cause with her so close like that.  i think she now realizes she needs to sit further back.  if it woulda deployed she coulda broke her little neck.  :((

so- hey-- on the bright side?  looks like i'm gonna get out of my high car payments i been cryin about for two years, that'll be a relief.  i'll still have to get a loan.. but i sure aint gettin a brand new car.  no way.  i hate car payments.  ugh.  especially for as little as i drive.  a little 4 or 5 thousand putt putt will do me just fine.  anybody got got one?

so anyhow -- the wondering and the waiting is over.  that was killing me! i couldn't even slep at night. torture i say!  last night i bet i woke up six times -- i'd smoke - or take a pill - fall asleep - just to wake up and hour later.  ugh. rough night.  rough few nights.  but-- around noon we go and sign papers - and move on to step two -- which i hope is car shopping.  even tho i'm very much a shut-in, i feel better at least knowing that i have access to GO- IF i wanna.

things are movin right along - just the way they're sposed to. 

so anyhow-- i owe you all visits -- and as soon as things get settled down a bit here with the car and the house and my crazy mind-- i'll be right ovah !

happy days to each and every one of you--

i shall keep you posted on the situation at hand in soulland  :))