Monday, December 21, 2009

are you ready to ruuuuuummmmbble!!!!???

howdy folks--- how it be peoples?
here? welp, i am literally down to the wire, and fixin ta hang myself in it !

anybody who's gettin anything in the mail from me-- you already know it-- so-- you also know-- it aint makin it by christmas. sorry. it 'should' make it on a truck or plane by this afternoon. but that , my friends, is the best i could do.
if the stupid folks i ordered from woulda got it to me when they were sposed to--- it might have made it-- well except the stuff to london. it mighta made it. but there's no tellin when that stuff will get there. but i would be interested to know -- smocha-- so tell me when ya get it. k.

i also have a few 'small ' gifts for a few other folks.... 4 to be exact. unfortunately-- my own laziness-- ok-- can i use my week long cold as the excuse for that one?? can't i? there's 4 of y'all that would have gotten at least a little gift-- but , they were 'perishable'. and in the fridge. and, even tho-- they are still there... unopened.... i don't think another-- 4 days in the mail will do them any good at all. so please , accept our apologies, and know that you were thought of. and know that one will go to the neighbor family, who's ole guy died, and the rest i will donate along with a turkey and a few other stuffs to the church-- in time for christmas. (this time - soulkid asked to do that-- i think it's awesome-- she is getttin to be such a great kid).
ehem... on occasion of course :)) she's still one of those 'things' we call teen-agers.
--- i wonder if they call em 'agers' cuz they add so many years to their parents? i swear i find more gray in my hair by the DAY.

ok to change the subject-
i came across this video:
it is soooooo CUTE!
i couldn't resist but to share it.

of course it is digitally altered- i watched how they made it
but i didn't wanna spoil the fun by showin ya how they did it. :))

this one is just some skaters i came across-- but i wanted you to see how much funnier
this type of thing can be when it's someone that you know-
like the one below this one.

i can't say who exactly this is-- the name is not real-- obviously---- but we do know this kid-- and he is just as funnny as he looks :))
ps-- apparently this injury didn't affect "anything" permanently. :))

can y'all tell i have nuthin to say?
all i gotta say is i am soooo out of time to do anything i can't stand it.
i did pretty much complete my to-do list the other day. well all except mail my stuff-- cuz i got to the post office too late. and what else? oh.. my cleaning-- ha! does that surprise you? i thought not. soulman cleaned the kitchen - bless his heart.
but -- that still leaves tons for me to do over the next day or two.
ugh-- i need a maid. anybody think the VA would pay for me a maid-- umm, 'domestic help' for my disability? i outta look into that.
but-- until then.. i still have to make this place presentable-- and make room in my office to open presents. erg. y'all oughtta see this place. not really. i'd be embarrassed if you did. it is clutter city, usa. ugh.
i don't even know how it happened. i blinked i spose. my office is usually the cleanest room in the house. even it is a disaster area now.
somebody haelP me.

and nooooo - not my house-
hijacked from the 'hoarders' website.
that tv show is downright sad , and disgusting.
but that pic is what i FEEL like.
even tho i'm no where close to that.

so anyhow, folks, i must get my day started--
hope you all are happy today--
hope you get all your stuff 'to do' done, and can relax over the next few days-

catchya latah-----