Friday, July 25, 2008

friday finale

quick update on the outcome of the twelve hour adventure of the day---
it turned out just as i thought it might. yep, soulkid called at like 620 -- havin a heat stroke (not literally) - but she was hot, and exhausted, and ready to be picked up. the concert , which was the main reason she - and the others went today.. not just the 3 extras i drove, but like 3 or 4 more they met there, was only half way over, but she was done. they left the show early, rode one last roller coaster and she called me.
she was the only one i had to bring home, thank goodness. i did not want to take three other kids to three other places. they all came here together this morning, but i was to take them to their homes tonight. so i was happy for the reprieve.
she was in a much better mood after being picked up than on the way there. she even thanked me for the ride (s). i was pleasantly surprised. as i was all prepared for a whole new argument the whole time i drove back out there. phew. i really hate arguing with her. she can be such a sweet kid when she wants to be. too bad she doesn't wanna be more often :))

so anyhow-- yep i was happy to not have to leave late and in the dark. and also to have her back and know she was safe, and not sick, and fed, and home. i know-- she's a big girl now-- but i do worry about her. especially at a place like six flags. that place was horribly packed today. geesh i worry about her being ten minutes late from school, and that's right across the street. am i just weird??

anyhow-- i've been workin on gettin the house and bills, and budget caught up to leave for vacation. we will be leaving early monday morning. i keep forgetting to call the friggin kennel though. ugh. by the time i finally did remember to call today it was 7 pm, and they had closed at 6. if i don't remember to call tomorrow--i'm in big trouble. i may be anyways. they're closed on sunday-- so if a) they don't have space this coming week.... or b) i forget to call-- i don't know what i'll do on monday when it's time to leave. i may be stuck here an extra day trying to find a place to leave the dogs. i sure can't take them with us. (the cats have always done fine on their own when we go away though , so i'm not worried about them.. but the dogs-- ugh.)

so -- that's about it for this day--

soulman called a while ago-- he left this morning at like 2 a.m. and is already down in del rio-- at lake amistad. he met down there with a few guys he knows...and his brother ended up going too. they all fished today, and apparently caught lots and lots of fish.. but none over 3 1/2 pounds. he said it was real windy though-- 30 mph maybe. sposed to be like 17 mph tomorrow-- i sure hope it's not windy like that when i get there. from what i have been readin and seein online-- there are some huge fish/bass in that lake--- my ten pounder is there-- i feel it in my bones. ok.. maybe my 7 pounder. but i am gonna get my biggest bass ever there-- i hope.

so-- quick change of subject before i go--
i haven't had a chance to find out what this means yet , but that's my next stop before i go to bed....
but , take a look at this video-- then tell me which way you see her turn.. clockwise? or counter-clockwise.
i'll give my answer after some of you do. k? i just want to see what the majority answer is first. cuz my answer on the page i got it from.. was not the same as the others. hmmmm.

which way did she turn? did she change directions at all?

my kid is tryin to kill me---

i don't have time to post anything-- right now-- i am being forced to take her-- and two friends to six flags -- in a few minutes. she had a ride-- there and back planned and ready.. that canceled last night--- peachy, right. hmm. i would not have agreed to this. i cannot see in the dark to drive. besides that? i am in my jammies early-- and i have to go pick these kids up at ten tonight. omg. it'll kill me. friday night DFW traffic , with night blindness. the last time i drove in the dark, i was having a mental attack, and i didnt even notice i was blind. :))
i'm already pissed off and haven't even left the house.

so-- that's where i'm at today--- but i have a lot to do to keep my mind off of it today-- i hope. i bet i'll be worried too much to accomplish a thing. like heat stroke. 12 hours at six flags-- in 100 + degrees. that is just too ridiculous. i wonder which one of these kids had that bright idea. i also wonder which one will be ill first. mine is already whining about being tired. she'll be sick as a dog by the time i pick her up at ten--- if she makes it that far. she already doesn't last very long in the heat. wth was she thinkin. or me for that matter to agree to this . just shoot me.

here is a very choppy spliced video i put together-- of a few soul moments.. fishin. or attempting to :))

happy friday!!!!!

crap i gotta fix it-- :((

utube is bein a bitch and i gotta go-- come back latah-- :)) sorry

well, i'm finally back-- from hell- hour. ugh. it was actually longer than that, but that's about how long i was forced to spend with four kids-- mine, and three boys. the boys were fine. polite, and and actually drown out by the blasting stereo-- soulkids tool she uses to keep me from embarrassing her by speaking. i promise that little trick-- on top of here downright rudeness towards me.. is gonna backfire, in a very abrupt, and not so kind way one of these days. i am soooo done with that crap.

anyhow--- here is the video-- finally.