Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Photo Challenge Post - a few of my favorite things

i'm happy that the photo challenge is back in full swing.  this in itself is a favorite thing. also - hard to keep on top of.  i'm gettin better tho.  still a little late tho.  i'll get better - soon as life slows down.

as for now?  the challenge is ' a few of my favorite things'  - i think most of my regular peeps know most of them .. but have a look anyhow.  when the weather gets nicer , i'll be hopefully getting out more and taking more 'fresh' photos.  as for now, i'm pretty much into my archives .

here they are - in no particular order -

above - is me and my soul sis - 
a fave of mine is meeting face to face with blog friends!
try it sometime!

above is my knucklehead kitties playin peek-a-boo !
i have two dogs and one more cat - but no good pics i could find fast enough of them.
yup my pets are another of my favorite things

no explanation required here - is there?
this obviously should have been on TOP!
my hubby and my soulkid
this was at last years X-FACTOR auditions (Galveston, TX)
remember that face - she's changed a bit -- she will be 18 on 3/9 !
sooo weird.  but she will always be my baby girl.

y'all pray for her to be confident, in the Austin auditions, please. the girl has a voice like no other.  born natural talent.  last year she got through all the auditions - four or five of them.. just not the final one that would have got to the 'main judges - simon cowell, etc.  she has the voice for it -- it's just her main stage for practicing is the shower !  she has improved a lot since last year -- and they did tell her to come back this year.  
overall guys?  soulkid is my favorite thing.

happy saturday !
i shall be cruisin your photos soon.