Wednesday, October 14, 2009

life makes my head hurt!

howdy folks-
i'm just gonna start blabbin. either that - or fall asleep. and don't worry-- no me me shit today. i'm either done with it-- or at minimum , on hiatus for a while. that thing was kickin my ass. and apparently y'alls too. seein as not many folks had much to say about it. see why i wanna write a book? no idea what genre this crap would even fall into. what if it was a movie? horror? drama? tear jerker? or perhaps i could do a charles bronson vigilante type thing? get all my revenge in the end? ahhh. anyhow-
sometimes even i can't believe all the shit i've been through. i really am surprised that i'm not dead or in jail by now. i will admit-- i faced both a few times along this road of my life.

so. enough of that. i am so thoroughly exhausted right now i don't think i can find words for it. i am mentally, emotionally, and physically, just depleted. this has been a terribly hard week for me in every way possible . and to top that off-- i have fallen way too far behind in the things i am supposed to be doing. refillin rx's , bills, house, other wifey stuff. i oughtta just be gettin my 40 lashes with a wet noodle.
aaaaand -- i still haven't made it over to my old house to see if these people wanna pay the bills or go to court. i been busy. i just don't know how i've been so busy that i'm not accomplishing anything.ugh.

today was a good day -- well in many ways--- aside from the fact that i just can't seem to stay awake-- even as i type this... and i had things i needed to get done today-- that i didn't. -- i did manage to make my lunch date with JLEE. i enjoyed that. i really needed to 'talk' some things out. and she did too. i'm afraid if we weren't in public, i might have spent the entire two hours crying like a little baby. it seems like forever since i have been able to 'really talk' to someone. you know , the way 'girls' talk. the no holds barred kinda verbal vomit. sorry no better term came to mind. so anyhow-- we had a good time... even considering the fact (s) that we both have a lot happening in our lives. on different levels of course. but you know how it is.

anyhow-- after we split up-- i came home and did a few things here-- then i went to retrieve my child from school. we went and took a few pictures for her photo journalism class -- which was fun. then we went to a bookstore, then party city. i got a few cook books.. she got candy and halloween decorations. i also got a coke at party city-- which - just so ya know - she asked me the MOST shocking question in the car, that i choked/laughed/ and spewed coke all over the place-- my steering wheel, and myself.... i had to pull the car over as to not get in a wreck. i can't even tell you what she said. but never in my days of mothering that girl-- did i expect she'd ask me that question. eegads. dare i say---- what in the world is next-- if she has the nerve to ask that????

holeeeee crap.

so anyhow-- i'm home-- jamyfied--- and i just may go to bed.
soulkid and hubby are out hangin in the hood--- she's surely talkin him out of some money for 'something' that she desperately needs. :))

anyhoo--- i'm gonna eat somethin.. not sure what-- then i'm puttin my old, worn out self in the stable.

night y'all-

before you go-- here's my song of the week :))