Monday, February 22, 2010

yeh, i really have had enough !

yep. by midnight. more snow. here. texas. ugh. don't i have a say in this? oh, i don't? well that's not right. in fact, it's crap. i am so sick of the cold weather. have i mentioned that? if i haven't, it is true. very true. i was not born to be cold---ever. ever. i hate it.
i also hate how it makes me feel emotionally. it's downright friggin depressing. and i don't wanna go outside-- or even look outside. but i always have to. if nothin else i have to cart soulkid back and forth to school. good lawd i can't wait til she gets her license. that could however backfire on me ya know. cuz once she can drive ? i will have no real need to leave the house. and if i don't... hmmmm. that might not turn out to be as good as it sounds. but anyhow---

i had more to say-- but the dinner bell just rang, and we're gonna watch a movie on dvd-- maybe i'll tell ya bout it latah-- or maybe tomorrow-

y'all be careful if ya get snowed on... burrrr-- snow makes me bitchy -- er