Thursday, February 11, 2010

it snowed - laugh if ya want but this is texas

icing on the cake - snow. yep. another of my favorite things. it's pretty. but i won't be goin out in it. i rescheduled my endocrinologist appointment for today - which i already rescheduled once before. shortly after that, my pain dr appointment people called me, and re-scheduled tomorrows appointment -- til next month.
i swear-- texas would bust if a real live blizzard hit.

so. hubby of course drove the spawn to school this morning-- we were all very surprised it wasn't a snow day-- they've closed schools here for much much less than todays' weather. but nope - not this time. but y'all know i don't do ice and snow- i am very dangerous drivin on this stuff. so really it's best i don't even try.

he was home from takin her to school for maybe half an hour-- saw two cars in ditches -- in a mere four mile ride home-- we had a chat about the weather-- and how it most likely will only worsen, and ice over even more. talked about a few more 'things', and came to the decision that he go pull her right back out of school. which he did.

i did manage to ball up- and venture outside
while he was takin the kid to school- and take these photos on my phone.

that of course was a few hours ago,
so it looks worse now.
not real bad worse-- just worse.

and of course-- school is going to be let out one hour early-- and canceled tomorrow.
yeh they're brilliant. hubby said , lots of parents were there when he was - takin their kids out too. they really shoulda canceled today too. how stupid. and a big waste of time. not to mention dangerous for a lot of kids and parents.

so. anyhow. what else?

i guess it would be best if i just shut up for now.
maybe i will write again later.
we shall see.

y'all be safe- stay warm.