Saturday, February 9, 2008

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Today: Sunny. High near 70F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph.

i'm sorry snow queens.. but this is what today is sposed to be like here in beautiful North Texas today. tragic isn't it??? i could live without the wind-- but it won't be too awful. it's fishable. :))

and, seein as most of my chores are done-- it's even more fishable. and i'm not on the clock today-- as soulkid isn't in school.. and basically stuck home-- because her chores are NOT done.. so , i am free!

of course there are a few things i will need to do here at home.. like dinner dishes, and i STILL need to hang stuff on my nekkid walls.. but no pressure there really.

so today will be more opened windows, sunshine, fresh air-- NO COAT!!!! and whatever else i want. i may just make hubby wake up and take me out to breakfast. for some reason i have been wanting to go out to breakfast for like a week now. no idea why-- just kinda craving breakfast food.

and-- later i am supposed to help hubby re-spool about ten fishing reels-- as he is to fish a tournament tomorrow. that's always fun. seems after that task i find fishing line around the house for weeks ! actually the cats find it--and i have to pull it out of their throats! yes i do know how dangerous that is-- but it hasn't killed em yet. and does anyone realize just how much line is on ten fishing reels-- ya just can't get it all in one swoop-- it really does take a while to find it all. but actually-- this is the first time in this house with no carpet--so it may be easier to find and clean up than i think.

so anyhow--- what's y'alls plans for the day???