Sunday, September 13, 2009

knockin em out one by one

my house will soon be an animal recovery room. yep , that's right. each of my FOUR animals are due for surgery within the upcoming few weeks...

first on the chopping block? sushi--- she will be gettin spayed on monday.
second? i think that one is Spot-- my evil, brown recluse of a cat-- she is finally--- ahhhhh, finallleeeeee -- scheduled for de-claw !!!! the last monday in sept.
third? that would be jitterbug-- the most beautiful cat in the world-- ok, aside from cavuto-- who most of you are in love with by now-- but jitty, will be also getting her claws ripped out-- ummm... i mean, being de-clawed, on oct 2nd.
then somewhere in here or shortly thereafter--- eevee will also be getting spayed.

how do you spell R-E-L-I-E-F ?

i just can't take it any-more! none of it. not the blood-- not the yelping-- not the fighting-- squeeling-- peeing--- or ESPECIALLY-- the destruction of my furniture!!!
i have had it !!!! obviously. yep. less than two weeks ago-- i bought two brand new-- but used-- chairs--- not a rip, not a tear-- not a stain--- ugh--- you should see them now. they immediately became scratching posts for the cats-- but of course they know better than to do it when i'm around, so of course-- i only wake up each day-- to a more destroyed chair than i went to bed with . well... hahahahahha.
they can kiss their nails goodbye. finaly! i have put this off for literally years. y'all have heard be bitch about their destruction for years. i am finished with it.
when we moved-- we literally put a 1700.00 couch on the curb !!!! of course-- it was barely worth a goodwill donation by that time-- thanks to the damn cats. but it was very nice at the time my sis gave it to me. especially since when she gave it to me , we were sittin on shit! i loved , and appreciated that couch, and i tried to save and protect it for years. they eventually had it so bad it was duct taped!!! and too humiliated to keep any longer. and now? they are workin on my new chairs-- and would you believe... even my leather couches!!! oh no... it is now down to THEM, or their nails. i say nails. cuz y'all know we love them, and have exhausted all other avenues. and there is no one on this earth that would put up with their behavior-- so-- yep-- it's live with no nails-- or take the needle.

as for the dogs--- ugh... it's just time. sushi yaps the little dog yap--- and bleeds everywhere-- and we do not plan on breeding her-- so it's just time.

as for eevee..same thing-- she's old-- won't be breeding anymore-- and i actually wonder if the heat thing this time has anything to do with the pissin in the house???? she has always been bred-- maybe she is callin for a mate??? the HO.

so anyhow--- that's about it for now-- my head hhurts , and i cannot seeeeee

happy sunday peeps--