Friday, December 11, 2009

oh the weather outside is frightful, but the cigs i need ; delightful

hiya peoples-

welp, there aint much happenin in this world of mine lately. as you can see by my last few posts. not sure why i've even bothered to write really. just somethin to do i spose.

anyhow-- soulkid is home again today- still sickly, and i don't think it's fare to share that gift that keeps on giving.

as for me? still feelin zapped a bit - but i really must get out today and get some things done. that is something i could once again very easily talk myself out of. because once again.. it's freakin freezin outside ---

not as bad as yesterday. thank God. i woke up to 39 degrees. i haven't heard what the 'high' is sposed to be. but i don't think it even hit the mornings low of today yesterday . so hopefully i won't die when i go out today.
but, regardless, there's no gettin out of hittin the street today. why, you ask? cuz i am about to run out of cigs.
yes. i am aware that they'll kill me someday. and of course i was scolded every time i lit one yesterday. soulkid hates it when i smoke -- especially when i'm sick. many times , as y'all know -- a simple cough can turn to bronchitis with me -- cuz i smoke like a damn train. she even tattle taled on me when soulman got home from work. and then of course, i got 'the look'. ugh. why must i always feel like a kid in trouble??

but anyhow. y'all know i cannot be without cigs. i get down to like three cigs and i feel like i'm watching somebody die or something. talk about a fear of abandonment eh? or fear of loss. i don't know. i just can't run out of cigs. or money. or shampoo. or milk. or almost anything. gas. even dog food or cat litter, makes me panic!
i just can't be without. anything!
"it makes my blood pressure go up!"

so anyhow-- i guess i shall go -

have happy fridays - and better weekends-
hope y'all are warm and safe-
take care
latah peeps