Monday, February 25, 2008

i've fallen and i can't get UP

see this poor tired little dawg? intentions to keep up with blog pals.. and at minimum, stay awake! well.. this is me, this passed few days--- i cannot stay awake-- i attempt to talk to y'all on your pages-- and i seem to spew incoherent gibberish. my intentions are good tho-

still not sure what happened or why the other day-- but i sure am having a hard time gettin my head clear-- and doing anything other than sleep.

all i can say is i have a new found respect for epileptics. good lord. i could not imagine living my life like this. not knowing when or if something like that will happen again. hours in the ER.. being watched like a hawk by the family-- and no one can relax around here. poor soulman, didnt sleep for two days... he finally got some sleep last night. soulkid doesn't know what to think. i sure don't know what to think either. we don't know what caused it... or if it will happen again. but ya know-- we sure are hoping it was just a "thing".. and not a late onset of epilepsy or something. holy crap.

anyhow-- i need to see a neuro doc.. soon as i find the referral.. i will call and let ya know when i see him, and what they say.

as for now-- i still don't think i am thinking clearly-- so i think i won't be writing much around here. i just don't think my head is clear enough to be yackin too much right now.

so take care of yourselves, and if ya see me lurkin around and not talkin much-- it's probably cuz i make no sense :((

take care--and have good days today!