Tuesday, February 26, 2008

asleep at the wheel

hi folks, i'm still alive--- i'm just never awake. i can't believe that i sleep ALL the time.
i don't even have anything to say.
except that i'm pretty pissed off that i may lose my drivers license for six months. assuming it to be a seizure free six months.
i have a brand new damn car sittin out there -- and i can't even drive it.
i see the neuro doc on thursday , and i am only hoping that he will find something that will prove that the seizure was caused by not keeping meds down? maybe by the wellbutrin? maybe by being sick, and a combination of several things?
i am having a real hard time with this possibly being a late onset of epilepsy. that is a possibility though, and it is a scary one. my brother had epilepsy, and my mom had seizures. but i just can't claim this.
but-- i really don't know what to do at this point. i won't know anything until i see the neurologist-- and i may not even know anything after that. i don't have a history of good doctors-- i only hope this guy knows what he is doing.
all i have done since friday is sleep. i sleep late in the morning, and i sleep all damn day long. it's insane. but, i don't know what to do about it.
the shrink stopped the wellbutrin... other than that-- it's wait and see. and apparently sleep. or try not to sleep-- which doesn't seem to work very well.

anyhow-- i'm still here-- just grouchy-- and sleeping.

hope all of you are well...