Wednesday, November 18, 2009

mornin people--
wow- time does fly - doesn't it? i don't think i'll say when you're havin fun, in this line though-- cuz y'all can see from the last several posts -- it hasn't been a whole lotta 'fun' around here lately.
but, we have had our moments.
if, you want to include me nearly -- literally-- choking to death at lunch yesterday. no kiddin. i was about one second away from the ole 'international sign of choking'. i reckon i wasn't thinking that my throat might be a little swollen after the endoscopy-- and i really was deprived of not only solid food-- but i was down-right steak-hungry. so after we -- soulman, myself, and oh hell, i'll just say it-- my friend who's here-- audrey-- (who most of you know by now i have known since i was like 5 years old)
ran some errands and took her to check out a job prospect-- (ugh, which i have more to say about in a minute)--
we stopped for lunch on the way back home. well, you know, for days, i have been eating nearly nothing, and what i did eat was ugh-- i just want to forget about it. i could count on one hand what i "ate" over 48 hours.
so-- i was not only wanting a steak-- i was near craving a steak-- kinda like a vampire.
it gets to the table-- i didn't take some big huge man-sized bite--- but i'll admit it may have been a little bigger than i might usually take. let's just say that was a huge mistake. it got stuck half way down. for real. and there i am, literally on the verge of choking to death -- but what was my main concern? looking stupid-- or causing a scene! i put my face into the wall as i tried to un- choke myself. mind you-- this is a real choke-- where i'm not really - choking- there's like no air-- i'm just trying to force this chunk of meat up out of my throat--- whithout causing a scene. ugh. geesh. thanks mom, for making me feel so secure . ugh.
so anyhow-- of course soulman and audrey by now are flippin out -- he's about to drag me out of the booth -- i'm of course not responding, not talking, choking, nothin, just hiding my face in the wall, tryin my damnedest to get this damn killer steak out of my throat-- without anyone noticing. :((

right before it becomes a big rescue scene - :)) -- i finally was able to get it down and actually cough, and breathe and give the i'm ok pat on the leg to soulman who was next to me. he was not happy that i had let this go on so long without asking for help.
i just really felt like i could get it-- without cpr- or the Heimlich. good lord, i would have been mortified -- never to return.
obviously, i was last in line when they passed out self esteem... but hey-- all's well that ends well, right?
i wasn't able to eat much more after that little production, but i did eat a little more. baby bites of course. then ate my leftover steak for dinner - being watched like a hawk, in case i might choke again. good lawd. think they coulda told me my throat might be swollen at discharge-- don't you agree?

ok so anyhow-- that was about the most exciting thing to happen since the play-- .
but also-- audreys' little job prospect? OMG. what a nightmare that turned out to be.
the deal was that the man she had been talkin to about this whole thing of course made it sound like the opportunity of a lifetime.
'she would live in his 'empty- yet furnished- four bedroom house. then manage it as a 'boarding home type of place and rent out the other three rooms. she would pick and choose who would live there. we all thought that would be good- cuz she could get non smokers, quiet , whatever- whoever she wanted, to move in, and just keep up- collect rent- that kind of thing. her end? pay no rent or utilities. all she would have to do would find a side job for food, transportation, that kind of thing. in this area, rent or mortgage really takes a large portion of anything you bring in. so it sounded good. the guy said the place was a 'nice home', and he talked it up real good. so off we go to go let her check the place out. she had the code to get inside, and no one was there.. it was 'vacant'. and he was out of town- out of state-- who knows. who cares. right?

ok so we get there-- first thing we see-- obviously, the neighborhood. not too horrible. not ghetto- or unsafe -- really. so we walk to the front door. someone has sloshed a whole bottle of drano on the outside of the glass/screen door. (could this be a good sign? umm, thinkin, not) she opens the door-- the first thing i notice-- aside from the destruction inside -- but there is a overpowering smell of MOLD. black mold. the place is worse than anything i have seen in years. thank God for that-- cuz i've had to live in some bad places in my day-- but even back then-- i think this might be the worst place i have seen anyone expected to live in. it would be condemned it whoever does that went in there. we were all three choking within three minutes. i didn't see the mold, but it was there somewhere-- and it was severe. we did a 'walk thru' type thing. the people that were living there left all kinds of stuff there-- furniture, tvs, tools, just lotsa stuff, it was abandoned, they took very little. clothes i guess, and dishes maybe. the place was so disgusting even thieves didn't want it.

we finally got out of there. she stayed inside way too long talkin to this guy on the phone, but me and soulman couldn't get out fast enough. we felt like we needed to have a shower immediately. oh it was horrible. unlivable. i couldn't believe this guy thought anyone was gonna go in there, clean that stuff up- and attempt to rent those rooms. i've heard of places out here that get mold so bad they have to be leveled. i really think that place is one of them. ugh.

anyhow--- that was my yesterday--
today is about to begin...
gotta take the child to school.. then i'm off to yet another dr,. my pain doc. i wish they could tell me why my back won't get better. but i'm just learning to deal i reckon.

when i get back soulman is gonna go get my oil changed in my car.

and i don't really know what i'm gonna do from there. catch up on bills and my bank i know that much. i have no clue what's goin on in that department-- haven't looked at it in almost a week. hope i don't have a stroke.

happy humpday peeps