Tuesday, September 2, 2008

some random crap o' the day

happy un-holiday to you----

it's kind of a holiday to me today. even though i have a lot of crap i need to do today. such as all the chores around the house i neglected over the weekend-- due to some unexpected -- well, for lack of a better term.. Bullshit-- that came up a couple days ago. in fact all my "productive" weekend plans came to a screeching halt. i didn't even mail my rent, which has always been in my landlady's hand before the end of the month-- and this time-- the check hasn't even been written, much less mailed. ugh.

i feel so worthless when i do nothing like this-- but it's times like this that when i push myself too hard , that stuff like seizures and other unexpected medical issues decide to arise lately. so i chose to just take it easy. well, as easy as i could. mainly meaning physically. mentally/emotionally.. whole different ballgame .

see -- i can't even think straight-- how the hell am i supposed to pay bills and get in anyway organized around here??? this crap is all over the place. seems so anyhow.

so anyhow-- soulkid rode the school bus this morning. hahahahaha. first time since kindergarten. even though it's been in the planning since last year, it almost feels like a punishment-- on both ends i think. after driving her for so long, it just seems strange. but i like it. i'll still have to get up, to make sure she is awake on time, but i don't have to get dressed or face morning traffic hell... any-mo ! i really love that idea. and the walk to the bus stop for her isn't as far as i thought it was at first. it's only a few blocks, not half a mile like i thought. it might be a five minute walk for her, so i think she'll survive. i sure as hell walked further in my day--- in fact, in high school in colorado-- i'd shower before school, leave with wet hair-- and a few times, after a one mile walk--- arrive at school with ICE in my hair. so i better not hear her whine about this. of course i will though. but that's just too bad. miss big bad freshman. :))

hmmm... that's about it for now i think.
i gotta get my day started -- doing what? not too sure at this point. my main pressing thing, is getting my bills paid, and or in the mail. after that-- i may- or may not clean and do laundry.
if i decide against that-- i might just break in my new fishin license. i'm just not sure right now.
but after a weekend like the one that just passed-- fishin may just win out over the chores.
afterall, there's always tomorrow--- right.
and isn;t that why God made crock pots, and paper plates??

hope y'all have happy days out there in your worlds--- i'm workin on it--- as usual.