Tuesday, May 6, 2008

hey y'all

today was busy for me,; sorry i didn't get back with some of you.
i am takin my laptop to wichita.. but not sure if i will have a chance to even boot it up--if not i will post about everything thursday.

hope all is well for y'all.

ore vois :))
hmmmm.. where to begin?
here i am at yet another horrible hour of the day again. i have already been up for an hour today. i was up at almost 1 am, too, but was able to get a little more sleep-- only to wake up again at about 330. wth?
the stupid dogs had some kind of mental attack at the same time last night at almost 1 am. i had only been asleep for about 2 hours by then. i don't think i was even fully asleep yet..or maybe i was just gettin there. regardless, it cost me about half an hour or more of sleep to get them taken care of. times like that i want to be animal-less.
well.. dogless.. the cats are a whole story in themselves. most of you know already about my stupid cats. which are not even mine... they are soulkids-- but she has almost zero responsibility with them. and they are most destructive when it comes to furniture, nik-naks- and any clothing that may find itself on the floor. UGH. several days a week i wonder to myself-- why do we STILL have these damn cats??? the answer is always the same. because soulkid loves them. and as much as i hate to admit it-- we love them too. little bitches. part of me hates them.. but not enough of me to "dispose of them" they really love us too. we are all they have ever known. they would be lost without us. and "spot" .. good Lord. ANY other human being would strangle that cat within the first twenty four hours of having her in their presence she is the most neurotic cat i have EVER laid eyes on. but when she is calm.. she is just the sweetest little cotton ball of a kitty you will ever see.

anyhow-- speaking of animals.. some of yall know that soulkid also has two mice? well.. make that ONE. yesterday, soulman decided he should check on their wellbeing. seein as soulkid just isn't the best pet mom in the world. she never has been. i don't mind taking care of cats and dogs-- and i or soulman usually do -- or if not-- we will ensure that she does... well.. when the mice came into the picture-- i made sure that it was KNOWN by all... that i would NEVER touch.. feed water, or clean up after a damn mouse ! turned out-- maybe i should have. but , soulman had taken on a bit of that role-- we both would remind her to feed , water or clean the cage.. and occasionally soulman would do that deed. anyhow-- yesterday .. soulkid was taking a nap after ortho-- he went in her room to check their water-- it was empty, so he brought the cage into the kitchen to fill the water bottle etc.... and there was poor "mouse #2"... deceased. he was the one with the most personality.. if thats possible.. and everyones favorite..if that's possible with a mouse. the other one is alive, but when he gave it water it drank like there was no tomorrow.
hard to say how little mouse #1 will do from here. he is prolly pretty sick. but may be alright if taken care of from here. but i don't know. i'm not no mouse person. she was pretty bummed out about it.. and guilty for sure. but reallly--we can't be positive it was lack of water-- because-- the other one was ok.. and she said they were both alive that morning. so who knows.

in other soul news

TOMORROW--- is the day that jamie/simonsays--and i will meet up in wichita ! woo hoo ! i cannot wait. it will be a very short visit-- but most have been. this will be our fourth visit together and the longest was when she and her hubby came out here-- but even then it was only a day. the other few have only been for a meal. wichita, and iowa. this one will be an overnight stay, but we both have places at our homes that we need to be in the afternoon on thursday so will be leavin at the crack of black on thursday morning. kinda sucks , but it's better than nuthin.
(wichita is our half way point- about 6 hours or so, and this time we won't be needing chauffeurs.. ie- hubbys. due to our levels of pain). not that we don't have pain.. we are just more willing to deal with it-- . we will most likely be in pain and exhausted when we arrive there-- but we will manage to get some photos and maybe dual blog for y'all IF we are computer saavy enough to figure out how to get online at the hotel--if they have internet. :))

other than that-- today i will be buried in errands, and soulkid appointments, and trying to get the soulcrib ready for my absence. such as cleaned up-and stocked with at least a bit of food.
then of course the never ending bills to pay.
seems i can never leave this place for any length of time without feeling like i'm leaving for a month. i always need to make sure everything is ready for them to be ok. ya know.
just one of my quirks. it's nice to feel important on occasion i reckon. :))

anyhow-- that's about it.

i'll be cruisin around later-- sporadically of course-- seems to be the best i can do lately-- sorry bout that.. i'm tryin. :))

happy tuesday peoples!