Friday, March 13, 2009

i found one-- a meme

------------HAVE YOU EVER---------

* Ever been so drunk you blacked out: yup more than you can imagine.

* Put a body part on fire for amusement: NOT on purpose—but I laughed when it happened. --- it was mine! my hand. hmmm.

* Been in a car accident: several. maybe 4 or 5. I was only driving in one of them.

* Been hurt emotionally: mmm ya. Only a few hundred times.

* Had an imaginary friend: maybe—or perhaps the little people in my head :))

* Cried during a movie: Yes, but not often..

* Had a crush on a teacher: yep-- my sixth grade teacher.

I did date a navy instructor once – oops. One date tho—he was pretty weird.

* Ever thought an animated character was hot? LOL.. is this for real? When I was a kid? I hope. cuz i was like 5. Speed racer maybe.

* Had a New Kids On the Block tape: am beginning to think this is meant for the younger peeps. But for me.. hell no.

* Been on stage: yep—a couple times. LOL- with smocha. good times. back in the day.

* Cut your own hair: OMG—just ONCE—it was horrible. And humiliating. My lady told me if I ever got that desperate again to call and she would cut it for free—I never dared to white trash myself that way .. but I also never cut my hair myself again. What a butcher job I ended up with. oooh flashbacks. ugh.

* Shampoo: don't have one.
* Color: Blue, black,: dark blue
* Day/Night: Day.
* Summer/Winter: Summer
* Lace or satin: FLANNEL?.
* Cartoon Characters: tom and jerry.
* Food: deep fried, full of fat and flavor, southern shit..
* Fave Movie: lots and lots—but if I had to pick only one to have in my house forever—I spose maybe it would be—this boys life—or perhaps—maybe napoleon dynamite—you just don’t even think about being sad in that movie.

* Fave Ice Cream: pralines and cream, java mocha—mocha java whatever.. a few others.
* Fave Subject: sociology, psychology,
* Fave Drink: Water, iced tea, coffee, and mango jamba juice.

------------------RIGHT NOW------------
* Wearing: flannel jammies ..hubby tshirt, flannel shirt
* Eating: Nothing.
* Drinking: water.
* Thinking about: All way too damn much for this time of night- umm day (it's 4:23 am FRIDAY! woo hoo-).
* Listening to: my laptop hum.
* Talking to: Y;all.
* Watching: Myself type as I go cross eyed

---------IN THE LAST 24 HRS--------
* Cried: fuckin riveri don't think so

* Worn a skirt: hell no-what for
* Met someone new: kinda.
* Cleaned your room: nope
* Done laundry: yup-- tons
* Drove a car: yep i did.

* Yourself: not lately

* Friends: one , or two

* Santa Claus: nope

* Destiny/Fate: sometimes

* Angels: yes I do- I’ve seen them—and talked to them—in human form. For real. (not like "i see dead people" -- :)) but i have seen angels--maybe three??

* Ghosts: i‘m not sure—I think so—but I don’t like to

* UFO's: again.. not 100 percent sure – but I think I have seen a couple.

* Bf/gf – I’m married and I love him—I always have.
* Ever been in love: once—to my one and only hubby
* Cheated on anyone: No.
* Ever done a "drunken stupid mistake": mmmm… maybe a few thousand

* Ever had a lesbian/gay experience: No thank you.

oh-- unless a unwelcomed "pass " counts.

-----TELL THE TRUTH!!-----------
Would you ever:

* Pay for sex: I hope I never get that desperate!

* Strip for money—if you haven’t noticed—there aren’t too many who want to even see me DRESSED for FREE!! Think about that.

* Play strip poker: who with?

* Work in McDonalds: been there , done that—lasted three days—never again.. soup line anyone??

. * Lie: Only to protect those I love or myself.

* Bitch about someone: it’s what I do best you know.

.* What's the best feeling in the world: Being at peace. Quiet mind, no pain, no worries. family not in rehab.Laughing and actin a fool !. :))

so -- there ya go-- that's how i spent my night-- after fixing-- partially fixing my computer when it tried to die.

happy friday people-eys