Friday, October 12, 2012

jibber jabber

there is my happy lil Sushi.  she's such a little knucklehead.  we got her a Halloween 'costume the other day. it's a just a shirt - but she absolutely loves it !  we got one last year -- maybe the year before -- it was a bee -- she loves that too.  i have seen cats wear clothes at times -- but not so much dogs.  and i'm not sure that any of them actually like it.  sushi LOVES to wear clothes!

 this is the new one -- a punkin :))
and she is a punkin head as we all know

year before last - a bee -- she loves it even now
sometimes i get it out - 
i call it her coat to her, and she gets thrilled to put it on !

if she wouldn't slip out of her leash -- or bark like a foll, at nothing , and everything -- it would be so much fun to take her out 'trick or treating' !!  she would be the cutest thing on the street  :))  well, since we don't have a little kid  :))  she would have to be right?

well, the pic at the top of the page?  that was earlier today,  i felt so horrible.  she loves to ride in the car, and you'd think the poor girl would have it figured out by now... (that when she goes in the car -- she's not just goin for a ride -- :((
i wish i could have had the time to just be takin her 'bye bye'.  but i wasn't.  nope.  we were on our way to the kennel.  i never like to take her there.  i never have and i am sure i never will.  but this was the worst time ever.  this time she is there 'alone'. all the other times, she went with either Midnight, or Eevee.  and the kennel would always make sure that they were next to each other, and went potty together etc.  ugh.  this time, she is there all by herself.  i asked if they would take extra special  care of her, and i of course told them that Eevee -- well, that she wasn't 'with us' anymore.  they asked, of course. we have used this kennel for several years - way back to even when we had midnight.  they were sad.  it made me sad. er.  and wouldn't ya know -- i had to go and do this little errand by myself.  it seems that the harder things that need to be done, end up being done by me most of the time..  and somehow - for whatever reason.. i end up being alone when it's done.  i just can't like it.  but i do do it.  and i will continue to do it.  

i have been busy all day .. trying to get ready for a weekend away.  we are goin to galveston for the weekend . the boyfriend is comin with us.  i hope we are able to have a fun and relaxing time.  none of us have ever been down there.  this was a pretty spur of the moment thing.  we got a phone call .. and accepted the offer of sittin thru a time share (upgrade) speil.  hey why not right. we own the darn thing -- we won't be upgrading. but why not take a 'free' weekend away.  the worst thing is leavin the pup. deep down i know she will be fine . nothin bad has ever happened there before. i am only worried because of the recent loss of EEvee.  Lord that is still hurting my heart.  but it's not like that's never happened.  it'll heal.

anyone know what we should check out whilst in galveston?  we will be right on the water -- temps should be 82 ish.  

well.. interruption -- has occured -- i have been fightin with my car dealer about my broke navigation system and they called and i dont have time or patience but have to call them -- bah!