Tuesday, January 24, 2012

not as bad as i thought

howdy folks -

how's the tuesday in your world?  mine's prolly good as it's gonna get today.  i had the rhizotomy done on my back yesterday.  i worried about that for a week, but luckily, came out better than i expected.  it does hurt though.  worse than it did when i went in.  but, not as bad as i was worried about it hurting.  i was convinced i wouldn't even be able to walk. so in that way i feel real good about it.  but as far as getting active or goin fishin any time soon?  i don't see that for a while.  of course, it's been a while.  at least now i can hope that maybe in a couple weeks - or less, the nerves will will 'die' and the pain will subside, and i just may have a chance at getting my life back.  i'll let ya know.  i'm workin on my list though, and hoping that soon i will be fishin, and workin on some home improvements.  maybe even makin a little road trip in a few weeks.  it's a stretch i know, but it could happen.  maybe.

 well, i must say, i feel rather impotent writing here lately.  i have absolutely nothing to tell you.  i have no life at all these days.  my highest point of prolly the month was a couple days ago (friday) when i learned that daughters toilet upstairs had overflowed - most likely at least one to two days prior.  i was finally gonna take myself fishin. it was close to 80 degrees outside and i was hoping to enjoy a nice day before i was to be housebound for an unknown length of time due to the rhizotomy.    so i was outside preparing my tackle and rods for about half an hour, when i decided to come in and put on a short sleeved shirt.  for once , there was no music or tv on.  i was walking out of my bedroom, when i noticed a noise.  i looked up - then noticed a 'stain' on my bedroom ceiling.  instantly i knew there was water coming through the floor-to my ceiling.  you know i had an instant panic attack.  gawd.  i had all my fishin stuff all over the place outside- my car was open with the window down. and i had to get upstairs in a hurry to find out what was goin on there.  i nearly killed myself with all the runnin around, up and down.  i had to run - well, the best i could.. up first , to see what happened - it was the toilet - and an inch and a half of water - all over the bathroom!  then down, to put away the stuff outside, and lock up my car.  then back up to turn off the toilet water - only to discover the soulkid had flushed the toilet ! to flood it even worse.  :((  - then down, for towels.. UP to help clean water.  then down, to text hubby, and spend hours trying to calm myself out of the worst panic attack i've had in months.  it was horrible.  absolutely awful.    the only thing that has been done about that situation is the next day, hubby plunged the toilet , and it works now. and he washed all the towels we used to clean up the floor.
but what about the floor/ceiling???  that's MY question. WTH?  do we just ignore that?  wouldn't ya think the stability of the floor is compromised? i really don't feel good about the possibility of a friggin toilet crashing through my bedroom ceiling at some point in time.  but hey, apparently, i just  worry too much, and need to chill out.  - yup direct quote - or maybe advice. i worry too much.  well, i think that's a pretty significant concern.  how bought you?

anyhow,  i know i aint doin anything about it today.  i have a date with my chair today.  and perhaps a pain pill or two.

happy days to y'all today