Wednesday, June 2, 2010

waitin 9 to 5 (to life)

yeh, what a way to spend the day. if it isn't one damn thing around here - it's another. surely y'all know that by now. right? oh, and it never ever fails that the worst happens when we are trying to save money. am i complainin? you bet your ass i am. i have tried and tried my best to be grateful. like when the fridge went out. "thank you Jesus , we had the money for a new one, and didn't end up with a 100.00 POS."

or how bout - when the first 'bubba mobile' was dying? and the repairs outweighed the costs of a down payment of a newer truck? "thank you Jesus, for making seeing eyes blind!" :)) (and once again allowing us to somehow have the cash we needed on hand.)

or how bout the time -- all FOUR of my tires were bad right at the time my car was due for inspection? yep-- "thank you jesus - we happened to have 600.00 layin around."

are y'all gettin the picture? i'm tryin to be grateful. i have been grateful. oh hell. i'm kinda forgettin a couple of THE most important times that we had money-- when , as y'all know -- we are best known for our squandering. back in the day (s) when soulkid was in her biggest trouble, and pit of hell. the times that her medical care was to the point of live or die-- and into the thousands of dollars. --- not to mention , the fallout, and what it did and cost my own health... the money was there then too. literally , thousands of dollars. yes, we did without at times-- but we got through- and soulkid lived because somehow-- we had money.

9 times out of ten, the money was there because we were saving -- for something else. most likely vacations, visits to family, etc. maybe to pay down bills. but the fact is--- the money was available and ready, when we needed it. for whatever reason. when on any normal soul-clan squandering lifestyle day - we woulda been begging, borrowing, or stealing-- to come up with a fraction of any one of these needs.

which brings me to today. yes i know. i heard you. sorry. it's just the way i do things round here. ok up here. in my head. it just doesn't work the way most minds do. but hey-- admit it-- you like it.

anyhow-- today. it kinda sucks, to be honest. i got woke up this morning to a panicked and hurried soulman. he just had to tell me something. this never goes well. i'm barely conscience for the first twenty minutes out of bed. (sigh). he is trying to get out and go to work, and at the same time, tell me that - guess what? the friggin air conditioner is broken ! it's been runnin constantly all night long. well that's just friggin peachy !
there i was.. no coffee- no pain pill- still hungover from the night meds- trying to absorb his 'instructions.'
'you have to call the home warranty place, and get an A/C person out here today. our warranty expires in a few days. lemmee show ya where the breaker is in case it flips. i changed the filter. upstairs a/c is ok. i don't know what's wrong with this one. could be a switch inside. could be froze up.'

he went on and on -- fast too. cuz he had to leave. i caught like 3 words-- at the time-- and that was lemmee show you the breaker. he got upset when i said no-- i can figure it out. good lord i just rolled out of bed, and my back hurt and i wasn't about to go crawlin around the garage-- or go upstairs. for whatever he said was up there. UGH.

"i'll handle it dear--- go to work"
he left- grumpy , of course. i'm sure he was thinkin i wasn't listening-- well, i wasn't really-- but i think i know enough about making a few phone calls. besides-- i did catch enough of what he said to tell the a/c folks. geesh. so he left.

THEN, it was time to deal with teen hell. that's always fun, especially in the morning.
she's beginning to get brave--- and push the clock further and further each day. a couple times a week now, she gets to school with literally ONE minute to spare to get to class. she cannot do that at this school, and she knows it. they'll throw her ass out.
she has also been texting me during the day - two or three times a week - asking me to pick her up early ! OMG. is she trying to kill me? the last day of school is FRIDAY! two days. you'd think she would be on her best behavior , and doing her best to pump out as much work as she can this last couple days. is she? nope. looks like she has quit already. she is apparently done. i pick her up at the end of the day -- and she has marks on her face-- evidence that she has been sleeping-- somehow- somewhere.
and who gets stressed out for all of this? yep-you guessed it. dear ole mom and dad.
think she gives a rats ass? oh surely no.

save me. someone just help me. love me. talk to me.

my one saving grace? i'm gettin a break ! if ya haven't forgotten, i am skippin town early friday morning. yes i am. i will have over three days, all to myself. well, not all to myself. but i will be off to 'girls week' in arkansas. i will see my sis and her friend vicki - AKA desert dirt diva. day one may not be 'fun' in every sense of the word- as we will visit 'the cemetary'. it'll be ok, i'm sure. it is time for me to be there. i noticed a day or two ago -- my brothers birthday is july 6th, and my mom's death day is july 17th. it's kinda weird that she died so close to his birthday. at ,least i think so. (i didn't 'just' realize -- i mean i 'noticed'--ya know)

so. anyhow-- yeh .. i am trapped in a hot house til the a/c guy decides to get here. you know how that goes. i could melt before then.

and of course-- while i was on the phone with the home warranty people-- they talked me into renewing our contract. which i guess isn't a bad idea. we have paid out of pocket for inside and outside a/c unit before a few years ago-- and it ran us about 5 or 6 grand. on a payment plan-- thank God. no cash - like that on hand-- ever.

but anyhow-- like i said -- just trying to be happy that we aren't payin a fortune out of pocket. bleh.

oh -- guess what folks? hubby just this second called me. they - the A/c 'fixers' just called him... even tho i gave MY phone number to schedule with... this is just great. no, not really. they left him a message-- cuz he couldn't answer his phone in class.... they said they would be here SATURDAY! - to fix the A/C . that my friends is BS! for one-- it's pushin 98 degrees every damn day. and TWO? soulman works saturday-- and i will be out of town. howda think that's gonna work out? can i scream now?
guess we'll be movin upstairs for a few days.

my happy is nowhere to be found. have you seen it?

hope you all have good days in your worlds today
stay cool!