Thursday, January 31, 2008

i suppose i should post something.. but what?

i have nothing to say. does that surprise you?

kinda does me. i'm so friggin sick of whinin and cryin on here.

could it just be the winter blues? SAD? (seasonal affective disorder) i know i have that. i really do. i have never ever done well emotionally in the winter time. i must have sunshine to live. or at least to feel alive.

anyhow. does anybody know how many days--or perhaps even weeks, that i have been saying i need to go grocery shopping? i have lost count myself! well-- i still haven't been. which means... i really must go today. my family is gonna throw me on the grill if i don't get food in this place soon. like today.
even i am gettin sick of not having food here-- and lately food just doesn't thrill me much. i could take it or leave it. preferably leave it... but soulman won't let me.

so, anybody doin anything today .... i know the weather sucks just about every-damn-where. so i bet not much outside stuff will be goin on. i also know most of y'all are fightin off some sort of cold or flu. i spose that doesn't leave a lot, other than goin to work feelin like hell--- or well, doing other things you'd rather not do-- whilst feelin like hell.

i spose i will be shopping *CRINGE*,
hanging shit on my walls....
i may-- or may not, get this mop cut off my head
and if i get all that done.. i just might... yes MIGHT.. break out my guitar-- and see if i can still bust out some johnny cash.

i will get back to you on how my day progresses-- and y'all do the same-- ok?

i hope you all have happy days.. or try to--