Sunday, March 28, 2010

why is no one postin today???

hiya folks --

i hate it when no one updates their blogs. or worse even.. they don't update -- and they don't comment on mine. WTH are you people doin all day? geesh. two of you? i mean thank you Donna, thank you Mary. but man, where are the rest of y'all? yeh, i do realize it's the weekend , and y'all are chillin, and catchin up with your lives and families and all that. but hey, don't i even cross your mind at all on the weekend? i'm here. i think of y'all. i post . i say hello to you. come say hello to me, would ya?
is that so difficult? "i could 'go' at any time Gilburt". y'all know that. don't be the one who didn't say g'bye. ok. i apologize. that was a low blow. but ya know what? i am such a idiot. i did somethin soooo stupid. i knew about it, and i even worried about it while it was happening. all i had to do was writ a freakin check, and put it in the mail. or even ask soulman to do that for me. did i? no. hell no. i just sat around worryin about it for a couple months -- until it finally happened. yep. wanna know what was in our PO box? a notice. yup. not a letter. but a notice. from my life insurance company. yes i sure did. i had let my life insurance go unpaid. for over two friggin months. i oughtta be shot. now, i have to fill out a questionnaire. IF i am correct - and i'm thinkin i'm not. i think it's only for the 10,000.00 one... the one i let lapse was for a lot more than that. but everything that is 'wrong' with me is 'service connected' so -- if i am RIGHT -- it shouldn't be held against me , as far as my insurance being reinstated - same rate-= same pay-out etc. BUT -- holy crap guys. if i am WRONG?? they will not re- insure me. in fact NOBODY will. not in my condition. there is just too much wrong with me. i have too many 'conditions/diagnosed and undiagnosed. like i said -- i could go at anytime. and no one wants to pay insurance out in any amount. i can't believe i let that go like that. 17.00 a month. what the hell was i thinking. or not thinking. it isn't the first time i've done this either. i did it once before a few years ago. and i've done it with other bills. i've even done it with our house payment ! (not this one - but i've done it in the past). i could just kick myself.
and i've had the form sittin right next to me the whole day long-- have i even put a pen to it yet? umm, nope. why? hellifiknow. i just don't know. my brain must be in the O-F-F position lately. i need help. someone help me.

(my favorite line in the whole movie - is in the first forty seconds-
there's a commercial - but it's worth it - just watch :))

What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)
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ok... so anyhow. nothing i said up there was at all, what i had planned on writing. does that surprise you? me neither. in any way. i sure hope the new addition (Annie) the dog- you know - up top to your left -- i hope she will make for a good -
therapy dog. :))

[see? time passes - i re-read - i notice "top, RIGHT, not left. save me Baby Jesus.]

i just found this pic on if anyone is interested.

SO. anyhow. to get to what i had planned to write. geesh. i was on FB a while ago, and a friend of mine had mentioned her bicycle, immediately , MY lil mind goes in the direction of ME on a bicycle. yeh , i know.. can ya see it. not pretty, right? well.. ya know what i thought of?


who remembers these things??
i do. i don't care if it ages me or not. we all know i'm friggin old.
old, and on my way OUT the door.
if not in body, surely in mind.
say "g'bye Soul."
but yeh. that was my first image to come to mind. i remember my gramma had one of those. i also remember back then that (a - not sure where or why i was there) but a nursing home had like a mini - parking lot full of them, for the patients to use. (when i was a kid .

so anyhow-- yep- that's what i thought of, and actually often do. but mostly in humor. i do however, actually consider buying myself one of these --- someday. -

OR -
( it's more 'laid back' )

i may get stuck in this one

anyhow- these are "recumbent bicycles" . they're kind of expensive , but they would be good for me to use if or when i can't drive anymore. or maybe when i 'shouldn't drive. ya know. bleh.

i can't believe this is happening to me at my age. but face facts y'all. it IS happening. a lot of you have watched right along with me. my lil brain is shriveling right before our eyes.

ten years. it's all i ask. twenty would be better. but in ten, i just may see soulkid married, and have her 1st kid.

sorry-- i don't know where all that came from. it just did.

see? you shoulda blogged today.


some happy souls

wow -- soulman isn't home yet, but he's close. maybe half an hour away. he just sent me some pix on my phone -- of the finished product. yup -- our new boat. in all her glory. if you haven't read the fish tale i posted a couple days ago -- it will help you appreciate this boat even more. :)) if you have? then you know why we are so happy to have it. the post about the tourney -- and our boat was originally posted two years ago -- so imagine -- if it was 'that bad' then -- yes -- sooo much worse now. wanna buy it ? :)) it's cheap. just the pay-off. call me. :))

so anyways -- wanna see the new baby of the family?

isn't she pretttteeeee .
yeh that's a statement, not a question. :))
wanna know what makes it even better?
she's paid for. cash money- paid off :))

well, except for one little thing -
yeh THIS part -

but hey - that's kind of important, dontchya think?
the one we took off our boat for temporary use?
not only was it not powerful enough for this boat ?
it also knocked so much off of the value of our other boat,
that it made it virtually worthless.
the motor is all that makes the other boat worth a dime- even close to the pay-off.
so , yeh- we have to sell it, and soon, cuz we now have motor payments-
and old boat- boat payments-
so- i say again- wanna buy a cheap boat?
if i've known ya long enough - i may even let ya take over payments -

so anyhow-- i have to thank my pal Donna (TX) for pointing out the reason i was having problems getting my posts in the right place-- uhhhh, -- senility, perhaps?

yeh, for some unknown reason, i have MAY on my mind. first i go to a May appointment - in March. then I post a friggin March post - dated as May. just lock me up -- but visit once in a while k?

happy sunday y'all.. hope you get some sun. as you prolly have guessed, i haven't been outside yet- and i have no clue what it's like out there in the world.

maybe i should just go with the name "Herman".. ya think.?