Saturday, January 19, 2008

i know you don't want to hear me whine-- so here's a smile -

Global Warming? My ASS!

happy satahday peeps....

well.. in case your world looks like this.....

which apparently , most of ours do -
even the one's that shouldn't do -
or they at least feel like it.
it's crap, i say!
absolute crap.
there is frost on our cars this morning.
texas. sure.
a week ago it was in the 70's for like THREE days.
ugh how i wish those days would return.

i get depressed and mean when it's cold, and i never want to even go outside.
in fact--- once again ---
this place looks like old mother Hubbard owns it.
purely because i don't want to have to walk through a huge parking lot to shop-
well.. i don't want to push a heavy ass cart either--
but today, unlike recent many -- i believe i could manage.
so anyhow...

i'm a cry baby -- and i am begging the sun gods for warmth.
sunshine, and some very active large bass.
i want to go fishin.
i want to wear shorts.
i hate to be cold, and wear layers of bulky clothes.
i hate to wear coats...
and more than anything----
i hate long sleeves..
i hate anything, aside from a watch to touch my wrist---
i don't know why-- i just always have.

sooooo - anyhow...

THIS place right here -
is where i would really love to be right now.
even though i am not much of a saltwater fisher-person :))
i don't even need to fish.. i would just hang out-- and drink ;
well -- mango smoothies all day on the beach.
i know-- most of you would have something more fun and intoxicating, but well...
i'm actually more fun without alcohol.
i just need sun and heat and minimal clothing to be happy.

i know there is a need for the change in seasons...
i only wish this freezin crap didn't last so damn long.
everyone, and everything survives in the tropics.. why does it have to be so damned cold here???

know why i care so much?

is ME-
when it is cold...
well, minus the dress.. i don't wear dresses.
i am just too clumsy for dresses..
and i don't go anywhere that requires i wear one...
so ... i don't even own one.
saves on shoes too :))

so anyhow---

that's about it for today ...
a weather whine.

i spose i shall update later if i find anything of importance or humor to share....

hope you all find a way to be warm --
or drunk--
or something other than locked inside today!
most likely that is where i will be.