Friday, December 12, 2008

two hours ago i sat down to have a smoke

and guess what? i'm still sittin here. i knew i never shoulda sat down. i was on a roll too. but once i sat ... it was all over with. and all i've accomplished is my dishes. i still have tons to do. and if i''m lucky? two hours to do it in. that's IF i get the hell UP. my sister was sposed to take her cats to the vet at 9, and head here straight from there. it's about a 5 1/2 - 6 hour drive, depending on how fast she drives. but-- it'll be the first rush hour when she gets to dallas-- oooh boy she's gonna love that. NOT. even i hate it and i have lived here for several years. i hope she makes it ok, and isn't a ragin bitch when she gets here. :))
i can prolly get done in a couple hours. it's not like it's a sty or anything. i just need to vacuum and mop etc, change sheets , you know the drill. sushi, the trash digger, also has paper all torn up ALL over my office again. it looks just lovely in there. oughtta be real fun pickin that up too.
it's so hard to motivate when stuff is so tedious like that. if it was just basic stuff it'd be ok. but it's stuff like cleanin the fridge, and pickin up 200 scraps of tiny paper , dusting, and doin floors, all that kinda crap that i hate.
anyhow. she'll live if i don't finish. trust me, she has seen worse.

soooo. what else?
oh... i messed up on the day of my scan thing.. it isn't next week it's the following week. the 22nd, and 23rd. monday and tuesday.

and, i'm still not doing very well with reading y'alls blogs. please don't take it personally. i feel real bad about it, and really, it has nothing to do with any one of you as an individual. i still feel the same about all of you. i can't really go into full detail about everything that is happening here. i would like to i guess, but let's just say it has a lot more to do with than only my medical issues. "it" surely isn't helping my medical or health issues, but it is a lot of things that i just don't want to throw around blog land right now. sorry.

the weather today is wonderful. yes i am changing the subject. :)) but really it is. and if my sister wasn't coming today , you know i'd be fishin right now!! it's a beautiful day. and you wouldn't even think that it was december. i bet it's 65 to 70 degrees out there. it's killin me to not be out at the pond. but-- tomorrow is supposed to be just as good. unfortunately-- i do believe i heard -- an arctic blast or some crap will be comin in by sunday night or monday-- the temp will "plunge". ugh. i'm just gonna have to move to hawaii, or bermuda or somewhere.
mary , you can come too. jamie can too, and so can charlotte :)). anyone else wannna come? but no men allowed. no kids either. we'll be "the runaway wives club" :)) only for the winter, then we'll come back to and salvage the sinking ships that are our poor hubbies.

welp, i don't think i have much else to say. i know i don't have any time to say it in.
so, i shall go and get back to work.

i hope y'all are havin happy days in your worlds today

i'm thinkin about each of you today-