Saturday, July 12, 2008

i'm just resting my EYES

i know y'all have heard that one before. prolly when you were a kid and accused your mom of sleeping, and ignoring you??? her response? "i'm listening to you, i'm just resting my eyes". and, isn't it funny, how now, we repeat the same damn line, that we knew was a straight out lie when we were young, to our own kids.

anyhow-- for y'all, my favorite people in the world-- well, aside from the soul clan of course ---
i'm not ignoring y'all... really, i'm not---
"i'm just resting my eyes !!!! :))
i love you, really i DO--
i just cannot seem to get caught up-- right now. just hold on-- i'll get there. eventually.

anyhow-- as for yesterday-- i did try to think of something to post-- it just didn;t happen.
for one-- i was resting my eyes :))
no, really. it was actually a sort of weird day.
too much to get into , but the short version would be that-- i was in pain, so i took a very very strong pain med-- which for the first time in YEARS, left me a little bit stoned. and as much as i would have like to like that feeling-- i really didn't know how to. so i just kinda tried to fight it-- and not see in threes. very strange. but it helped the pain.. for a few hours. but on its return.. i wasnt willing to feel that way quite yet.

so anyhow-- the dogs got in a nasty brawl too. it was pretty scary actually. hubby was at work. so it was me and soulkid left to break them up. eevee had sushis entire head IN her mouth !!!
i was hittin her (eevee) with a pillow, and yellin at her--- when soulkid just ran up and yanked sushi away! i was already afraid that I was gonna get bit-- but when she ran in there-- i got really scared that she would be hurt--- but she was very fast and sushi in her room in no time..leaving me and eeve to wonder wth .. where did everybody go? hmmm
it all went very fast... but at the time, seemed like quite a while. i really thought eevee would kill sushi in this one. it was their third fight. and they both get very mean. the first fight was the worst-- for sushi. since then no major injuries, but the last one sushi got a bite on her mouth that bled, but this time, no blood. PHEW.
yep-- that was real fun. more anxiety. just what i needed.
eevee had to spend hours-- maybe 3 or so-- locked in her crate til soulman got home-- cuz i couldnt risk another fight-- or one of us getting hurt. ugh.
too many animals--i'm tellin ya. i just can't take it anymore.

and poor sushi-- if it isn't eevee bein mean to her-- it's spot. jitterbug likes her-- but the other two ? only when they want to. ugh.

and so for today--
it's catch up day-- and i know i have said that daily for-- well --- ever--- but i really need to do at least something.
like :
clean house
do laundry
work on z budget
pay some bills
get food
get gas-- which reminds me--
have y'all seen this one yet???
they need to add *TEAR* on there with deisel... cuz i tell ya it IS enough to make ya cry--- at $4.79 a freakin gallon.. wanna know what it costs to fill up the "bubba mobile?" take a guess...
170.00 --- GASP !!!!! yes.. even GAG. or how bout EKG???? hahah i rarely go with him to get diesel... it's bad enough writin the amount in the check book.

so anyhow--
i apologize-- but that's about all i can do for now-- i just wanted to wake up-- i mean check in ...
and say HI PEOPLES!!!!
i hope to find some time to make my rounds today or this eve... i am so far behind, i've even hurt my bestest pals feelins. now that's bad.
i am sorry --and all of YOU too !!! i'm a bad blogger friend.

i hope you all have fantabulous days in your worlds today--
cuz you know-- i will try
(so far--so good)