Sunday, June 8, 2008

wasn't i just here ?

hiya folks--

have i mentioned that insomnia is really getting to me? i'm beginning to feel like that dude in the movie "clockwork orange" -- with the toothpicks holding his eyes open. -- nights are gettin really rough around here. which, in turn, kinda makes , well, life a little rough around here. too. and that my peeps... makes me --- a bitch. and a crybaby. actually, i may not be so much of either if well, lets just say if i could sleep. cuz i could handle the rest better i bet .. if i slept right. crap. i can't even talk right. (write right , i guess i should say). well, i don't talk right either sometimes. :))

for example, last night i was up til 2.. and woke up at like 4, then went back to sleep --- but then i got up at 5. it crap i say. then friday i woke up at 130.. yesterday it was like , hell i don't even remember-- 5ish i think. maybe.

i know i'm luckier than most who have this problem, at least most days like this i do have the opportunity for a nap. but i think some days that makes it worse. especially on days there are things i need or want to be doing something other than sleeping the day away.

well... is that enough cryin for one morning for you? it is for me. i hate to get on here and whine. but, i could go on if you'd like.?

i don't really know what to write about today. it seems anything that has has happened this passed several days is really nothing to blog about. no fish stories... the wind has been hell. i know i've mentioned that 100 times.

other than that... it seems everything else is just plans , with no action..
or crap that is pissin me off.
not sure if it's the bein pissed off that has me not sleepin, or the not sleepin that has me pissed off. all i know , is i'm pissed off.

usually, there are only two things that get me un-pissed off--- and that's fishin-- or a road trip.
and this being the beginning of the week.. sort of. a road trip is out of the question...
and seein as i can hear the wind whippin thru the chimney , and every crack in the house yet again.. i can tell that i won't be fishin yet again today...
it seems that it will be yet another grumpy-- spin crap around in my head- sleep half the day- kinda day.

of course i'll do what i can before i get too tired. not many chores to catch up on.. bills and stuff i can do right here on my ass.... how convenient eh. then it will be time to go pick up my child from her friends' house. and then viola-- nap time it shall be.

soulman however-- is fishing a tournament today. it's been scheduled for months, so the wind is no out for them. he just left for the lake a while ago. the only thing that is gonna make him happy today is either a HUGE fish (bass) --- or to win today. cuz the wind os horrible, and there really is not much worse on the lake than rough water and fishin in the wind for 8 hours. it's just tough. even i don't like it. but he gets downright pissed. at least he isn't controlling the motor today-- that will take some of the stress off of him. but i know he will be grumpy for it anyhow.
he does have fifteen hundred bucks on the line today though. the two of them are fishin for a three thousand dollar pot--to split today. the next three or four tournaments i think are for this amount-- or bigger. but if they don't place in the top , i don't know -- maybe top 30 boats??? they get bumped out of the whole thing. so it's gettin tougher towards the end. i'm pretty sure this is the the third or fourth to the last of this series for them. i'm kinda glad too. it's only once a month... but it's gettin kind of expensive , with the entry fees, gas money- for his truck-and what he gives the other guy for his boat-, then he gets new tackle and baits almost every time, damn, it just adds up quick. i bet almost 200 a month he spends on these things. and they haven't won any cash at all. in what? 6 months maybe? yikes. time to win, wouldn;t ya say?

have you ever noticed how weird a dog looks after they've worn a collar for like a year, then don't have it for a day or two? they look almost nekkid. sushi somehow lost her collar the other day (in the house) she looked so weird-- it's back on now-- and now she looks like herself again.
it's pretty weird-- or maybe it's just me.

well.. enough outta me for one cloudy headed morning.