Sunday, April 13, 2008

we made it !!

Whee ??

(Friday 10:15 PM)

Well, we made it. barely. We’re here and settled in, finally. Soulman just walked over to his mom and aunts’ place… and took Eevee with him to show her off. I’d laugh if he came back and said she pooped on their floor :)) -- well, maybe I wouldn’t. hmm.. ya, I would.

Anyhow—we drove two vehicles out here, so if soulman wants to he can stay an extra day or so with his family, cuz soulkid just cannot miss anymore school. Seems she has had a lot of appointments lately—and was sick, or missed here and there for one thing or another—and those days or classes seem to pile up fast. So anyhow—I took my car so the two of us could leave Sunday, and he and eevie can come home, whenever. He is on vacation til next Tuesday. I’m sure he won’t stay more than Monday or Tuesday here. But he did decide to bring the boat, just in case.

We are hoping to have at least some time to fish—the place we are at this time is on Lake Palestine. The forecast said it would be windy—but we shall see. If it isn’t – you know where we will be. Well, that is if it isn’t out antique shopping or at the fabric store with the in-laws :))

Anyways--- back to my lovely drive out here. The hell of it all actually began before we even left… can you believe that? ME of all people, hitting a snag. Hmm. Go figure. :))

But yep- one thing after another. It wasn’t a bad day really, it was just that I didn’t get the things that I needed to get done finished in time. In fact—I was eatin lunch one minute--- it was sooo goooood too .. I wish y’all coulda been here—it was another pigs ass !!! smoked on the egg ! (that would be a pork butt for those who don't know ) and oh maaaaan was it good! Anyhow—I had some of that at maybe 1-ish… next thing I knew—soulkid was knockin on the door ! I hadn’t even washed any laundry – or packed yet ! that was at 345… by 4:00 soulman was home… CRAP—and I had just started my clothes i needed to take! and I still needed to get cigs and gas too.

By the time we decided on taking the boat, and soulman got his stuff packed up (nothing like that last minute pack on the fly – is there?) we had decided that he would just head out ahead of us with eevie. (me, soulkid, and sushi) –Since he had to go to storage to get the boat.

So we stayed to finish laundry, and pack etc, and I’ll be damned if the dryer didn’t TRY to piss me off . It wouldn’t heat up for nuthin ! it took an hour and a half to dry ONE load of laundry. I cleaned the filter out, I changed the settings twice , anything I could think of—it still wouldn’t get hot. Finally it did.. after I was ready to have a stroke. MY LAUNDRY ! ( that’s kind of a MY EYE thing… only a few people get it. but if you heard when it originated.. it’s hysterical :))

So anyways—that was a wasted five minutes of your life hearing of my laundry wasn’t it? sorry.

But in the meantime while I’m waiting for said laundry—I’m trying to keep track of the cats—to make sure they don’t get locked up somewhere before we leave. Every five minutes—I’m turning off a light or closing a door – somewhere. UGH. So friggin frustrating. Each time—I tell soulkid“MWA MWA MWA MWA!” (turn off lights, shut doors, don’t lock up any cats!) it was making me crazy—and bitchy—and headachy !Which btw—before I forget—reminds me of the freekin MICE. Nope not the ones in the attic, that I WANT to die…. But the pets—that may die in our absence—because we forgot about them !!! they are in soulkids room and safe from the cats—but that would be a far better way to die—than starving to death! Or “dyin of thirsty” Dammit ! wonder how that little tale will play out. Hmmm. Guess we’ll find out Sunday night. It really would suck if they died. Poor Mclovin, and “the other one” :)

Ok so anyhow—finally the damn clothes decide to dry … I think- phew—throw em in a bag and hit the road. Is it ever that easy for me? Well you’re right. And it wasn’t. so, I’m foldin clothes, packin etc… and soulkid is bee boppin around the house .. doors hangin opened , lights on in every room… UGH.


So now we’re yellin at each other—on a mad cat search—can’t find one of them. I’m like.. just leave your bedroom open, and let’s GO.

Moooooooom, the cats will pee on my stuuuufffff.!!!!!! OMG. It took another twenty minutes to find the damn cat ! just so she could close her door—that IF she would have KEPT closed to begin with… we would have already been on the damn road.

In the middle of our argument – soulman calls , for me to get the fishfinder—because he forgot it—but I answer the phone all bitchy—sushi is barking at something outside—and soulkid is yellin in the backround… just peachy. So I TRY to be civil—but now he’s all upset cuz I’m in hell.. anyhow—no big deal… I got him off the phone , got the fishfinder, the kid, the dog, the cats were accounted for, got all our crap--- and hit the door runnin.. and yellin, at about quarter after 6…maybe 6:30… leaving the poor little mice to face a slow and painful death. :(

(noone even thought of the mice til ten minutes before we got here—soulkid says—my mice! I said – oh shit.. did you feed them today? Umm, no. well dammit.. nothing we can do now, let’s just hope they’ll be ok. It’s only a couple days).

Who would have EVER thought I would be worried about a damn mouse or two?? Actually it isn’t the mice I care about—I care about soulkid being hurt about the mice maybe dying. Ya know? There is a difference I guess. Cuz really, I think they’re smelly , useless, little bastards.

But she loves them. *SIGH*

SO----movin on----we didn’t even make it out of the damn driveway without further incident , on our way out!

First- sushi, went all crazy on us—and jumped and scratched my car ! a small, but long scratch.. I hope it will buff out. Soulman still has scratches on the hood of his truck from the litter box incident. Lovely. This is where we all say it together—

Can’t have nuthin!

Second- soulkid and sushi are in the car- I go to get in , trying to not let sushi escape—and somehow the damn car door SLAMS shut on my RIGHT elbow – bone to bone—not the fleshy bend part..and it hurt like hell and immediately bruised, and that is my fishin arm! And my everything else arm too. Took me five minutes to recover from the pain before I could even drive out of the driveway.

Third--- the battle begins , before the gear shift has clicked into D --- about music, and it’s volume … and THAT argument continued the ENTIRE way here – 3 HOURS of it !!!

Fourth—yes—gawd believe it or not--- there is a fourth – before we drove a BLOCK ! over the cell phone ! there isn’t even phone service out here in the sticks – but the child doesn’t hear when I say there may be no service—she hears “ MWA MWA MWA MWA” , and chooses to fight about it. ERG !

--you see, there was an incident (yes another one—but it happened yesterday—with her cell phone--- and, well, let’s just say that she doesn’t have one anymore—for the time being) so she was asking if she could use mine out here to text her new boyfriend. (I really find that word difficult to say…. Is it me—or is it a mom thing?) yep—one of "those"—his name is “wyatt”. Hmmm. Whatever. So anyhow—it was just one of those “just can’t win” arguments. Makes me want to break MY phone too just to make it all STOP.

Well, we were in front of soulman on the road for the longest time—til I needed him the most. Of course. But while we were in front of him.. at least three times during the too loud music that made my head want to blow through the windshield – or one of the five thousand uncalled for screaming matches --- I threatened soulkid that I was gonna stop the car right there, and put her in her dads truck ! then I’d get the blah blah blah, no no no BS. Only for it to happen again five minutes later. I thought I was gonna crack up—or maybe just die. By now.. my head was throbbing, my back was in knots , and my damned elbow was still hurting. Shit. I think I need to personalize the term “vacation” for MY “soul dictionary”. Cuz really y’all know, so many words and terms that y’all know and live by—have a truly different meaning in my world. So anyways—I stopped for a cup of coffee when we had like 30 or so miles left to go—and she had yet another spazz fit—MY GAWD I coulda jumped out of the car—or thrown her out ; one of the two. So when she went back in the store I called her dad to see if he was still behind me.. cuz this time I really was gonna put her in his truck !! I couldn’t take one more second of it!

Guess where he was? Ten to fifteen minutes ahead of me. CRAP!

So—what did I do? I reclaimed my stereo—sucked down my coffee—and attempted to go away to that quiet place in my mind.. unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found. :))

( i do know that sometimes i prolly sound like a horrible person,
who doesn't like to be around my own child very much--
but y'all know i love her more than anything- or anyone else in the world-
i hope. cuz i do. and really, she knows it's true too. -
just thought i'd clear that up. :))

But I did put in a valiant effort on my search . until.. I realized it was really really dark and I couldn’t SEE. And no one on the road knew how to drive. And road kill is extremely difficult to identify in the middle of the road on a dark country road. And when someone works on their freakin truck on the side of a two way-two lane road in the damn dark – they should NOT leave the damn drivers door with NO lights on it , hangin out into the freakin street ! no I didn’t hit it—but I damn near did. Geesh. Can we say STRESSED OUT BITCH??????

But – we made it. We are alive. Soulman is here , and also alive. The dogs are here , and happy to be out of the car (s).. and all the in-laws are here—And soulkid has finally settled down. I think I have too. I’m sittin here all alone in the living room, with only the sound of the refrigerator – and it’s all good. It’s 11:20 pm.. and I am gonna hit the sack. It’s way passed my bed-time. And dammit—we forgot OUR pillows, and of course the ones here—really really suck!

I have no phone – or internet here--- it’ll be a tough coupla days. Usually if I go out of town, and end up without internet – I at least can talk on the phone – or text- when I smoke n choke. But now—wth will I do at 4 or 5 a.m. ??

I’m glad I’m not staying til Tuesday now. Well.. I’ll let ya know if that changes after I go fishin. If the fishin is good I may leave mad. :((

Well peeps… I hope that wasn’t too boring of a read—or rant—or whatever it was…. But that’s what fell out of my hands—just for you :))

G’nite folks




427 a.m

on any other day, I would be fine with the time of day right now. Maybe not thrilled, but I’d be settling into my morning routing. It isn’t unusual for me to wake up at 4 a.m. the thing is—THIS morning.. I was up last night until after midnight, then woke up every fifteen to thirty minutes.. for no reason.. then got up at 2:15, I thought it was all over with then, but I smoked a cig and watched some tv for a few minutes, and managed to get back to sleep . which would have been ok… had I actually—slept. But I didn’t. I did.. but it was in ten to fifteen minute patches, until I finally got up—at 4.

to no internet—no phone—and y’all already know what there is to choose from on tv at this hour. Yep, not a thing.

Thank God for coffee, and cigs. I know neither are the most healthy thing in the world—but, they are not only my motivational tools for beginning each day---- they are also the key to my “meditation”. If there is such a thing. How’s that for an excuse for addiction? And that was just the first to come to mind—I’m sure I could come up with several others.

But hey—aside from releasing my inner bitch, the smoke n choke , is my only vice. Everybody has one right? Or maybe two.

I spose it’s obvious that right now I don’t have much more to say than I did four or five hours ago when I wrote last.

The dogs were good last night, hubby and the child seemed to have slept well. Guess it was only my mind that couldn’t shut down. Strange place? Crappy bed? Rough day? Wrong side of the bed? —that really could be the offender—cuz I slept on the wrong side of the bed last night—so that I could have a table. It’s another of my quirks. I need my right arm off the bed to sleep—but I need a table too—the only table was on the left. So we switched sides. I bet that had something to do with it. it really doesn’t take much to throw me off ya know.

If you don’t know that by now—it won’t take long to figure it out. :)) so just for a scientific sleep study ; perhaps I will sleep on MY side of the bed tonight, and see if it helps. If so—y’all will be the first to know.

It’s funny to me how many new peeps I have met and connect with almost every day lately. Along with the ones I already have been for so long. Sometimes I find myself needing to explain things that only a few weeks ago everyone already knew. Well, at least I feel like I should explain, because of the new peeps:


my 333 phobia…




“smoke n choke”

queen earlene

and –

names y’all need to learn and get used to.

And other stuff.

most of the time I just throw stuff out there like everyone knows what I’m talking about—then later will notice—some of y’all must think I’m just really out of it. well, we all know that at times, I am. but some of my little quips and quotes and phrases… I know they gotta throw a few of ya sometimes. Sorry—but you’ll eventually catch on.

Welp, I guess I’ll get more coffee, and see if I can get creative on a different little project I have goin on. One that came to a screeching halt a few weeks ago. If I wait much longer on that one, I’m sure it won’t get goin again for another year or two. If I’m lucky.

So—y’all have good days.. and I will check in later to let you know how far I make it, and how it goes, before I fall asleep in my cheerios. :))

Happy satahday !!



7:30 A.M.

omg !

what a way to start the day—as if earlier wasn’t bad enough. I took eevie out on her leash first—she did good, didn’t bark or try to run off—but didn’t pee either—she’s prolly saving it for the carpet :(( even tho it has been a while since she’s done anything like that in the house.)

but sushi?? UGH. Worse than ANY toddler ! she was out—on a harness , no less- for two minutes -- barking at birds etc.. and THEN , somehow managed to slip out of her harness. How the hell she did it? I have no idea—but she did. And it was pitch black dark outside. I couldn’t see anything, much less a small, black dog !! I ran back into the cabin, and grabbed the only flashlight I had seen in there—come to find out—it was a frickin laser pointer !! it didn’t help a bit ! I still couldn’t see a thing. I only looked for her for a couple minutes before I had to wake up soulman. I haven’t seen him move that fast prolly since the last time soulkid got hurt. Geesh. He flew out of bed… and ran outside to look for her. (if ya click the button on the light, btw—3 times—it is also a flashlight ! ) who knew? Well, not me, obviously.

Well.. he went one way, I went the other—and at least sushi was smart enough to remember where she came from, cuz when I came back around the corner —there she was.. her little dumb ass, waiting at the door to be let back inside ! I coulda kicked her ya know—but I didn’t, of course—I grabbed her and hugged her like I would if she’d been a lost kid . we would all be crushed if she got lost or killed ya know. She really is like a baby to us. Issues and all.

So anyways, soulman went back to bed and I’ve spent the past two hours getting photos on my computer ready to show the in laws— now I am soo tired I think I’m in a half dream state every few minutes. I got up way too early, after way too little sleep. And once again—my non-smoking room smells like an ashtray ! will it really take a fine for me to learn my lesson?? I sure hope NOT.

But anyhow—I spose I shall lay on the couch and zone out to the tv for a while… and hope for a little more sleep to come my way---- before I get dragged out to play happy visitor at soulmans number four aunt and uncles house for the day. Ugh.

The other three aunts are only a few buildings away—I could handle that type of visit much easier—I could leave if I got tired or crabby.. but out there--- a half hour or so away—I will have no escape.

Ok—well, I’m gone again. I shall return.



Whee? Pt 3


Weird, how time flies when you’re away from home, and drags on forever when you’re there, with nothing to do. Dontcha think? Even tho, a whole lot isn’t very different here.

Yesterday wasn’t a bad day, I was just extremely tired, and it seemed everyone else was too. The last few days with eeviee and her storm phobia, and keeping us awake.. then driving out here. It’s only a few hours, but unfamiliar, dark, and I already mentioned it wasn’t exactly a relaxing ride.

As for the others, the aunts.. three of them..and one being mommason.. – 3-drove here from Lubbock.. a much longer drive obviously, so of course they were tired too. And the aunt went to visit who lives here—near tyler—yesterday , well she is in a lot of pain these days. Has been for years actually, but it is getting bad. She can hardly walk anymore. So of course she was run down too. None of that stopped any of them from laughing their heads off though. We had a fish fry out there. It was really good too. It’s been a while since I had fish cooked the good ole southern way—catfish--and it was good. And of course they all cackled the whole time we were there. Tired or not—they are always laughing. This time they were telling stories of when they were young and how they would fight over chicken pieces.. and the same one always got the wing. And whined about it. poor thing. Funny thing about that? She’s the thinnest one of them all today. They starved the poor girl ! lol. And they talked of how mommason would always get the breast—or a piece of it , cuz it would be cut in a couple pieces .. saying how they thought maybe it was where they sat depended on what piece they got. And wondered why they never changed it up. Prolly cuz they liked the way it worked out—well—except the poor wing girl.:))

So.. yep , it was a good time, but we didn’t stay very long. A couple hours I guess. We had to come check on the dogs—plus —I kinda fell asleep—oops. I didn’t really mean to. Just kinda leaned my head back..and, before I knew it—they were wakin me up to leave. Needless to say, my neck was locked up from hangin it back so far for so long. Good thing my mouth wasn’t hangin open. I guess it was only maybe half an hour or so—but it seemed longer.

I prolly woulda been more sociable, and talkative etc out there, but literally just a few minutes before we headed over there I was eating a Big Hunk candy bar.. surely y’all know what that is—right?

(one of these )

It’s all chewy and sticky and something a person with a mouth full of crowns prolly shouldn’t eat—but I never really thought about that… til it happened. Dum dum dum….

Yep—chew, chew, chew.. then I feel something in my mouth that just shouldn’t be there. So I pull this big wad of taffy-ish goo from my mouth and what do I see? My frickin CROWN. Thank God it was one from the back—and thank Him even More that it was in ONE piece ! I will only have to go have it glued back in.. but in the meantime—it feels horrible! Cold drinks--- air—food .. even coffee—hurt like hell. I try my hardest to keep everything on the opposite side—but it just isn’t that easy. And it even makes smoking a bit less pleasurable. *ahhh, sigh*

So, I didn’t feel much like talking.. I was tired before we even headed over there, and.. even tho the food was good , it hurt to eat—so I didn’t eat as much as I wanted to.

When we did get back here – I was really just exhausted. It was only like maybe 5:30 or so. I think I made it to 6:30 or 7 before I gave in and went to bed it was only gonna be to lay down to watch tv for a while but it turned out to be a nap—of sorts—I woke up at 9 ish—and ended up asleep for the night before 10:30. on MY side of the bed—I slept all night long. SO-- my sleep study was apparently a success. the side of the bed you prefer does make a difference in how well - or not- you sleep. hmmm.

now I am sitting here in alarm hell, at 630 a.m. for No reason ! hubbys cell phone alarm is goin off every five minutes!! it’s making me crazy.

And just so you know.. may I recommend that you NEVER buy a sunbeam coffee pot? Seems that is the brand that every one of these places use – and every time—except the last—they spew coffee everywhere. More ends up on the countertop than in the pot. And it really pisses me off ! not to mention the fact that somehow, grounds end up IN the pot as well. None of which makes for good coffee.

There goes the alarm again.. for the tenth time--and now it is making my eyeball hurt. Just thought I’d share that.

So. Anyhow- Soulkid and I will be heading home today sometime. Hopefully not too late. We got here after almost two hours of driving in the dark the other night, and my night vision is CRAP! So I do want to get on the road with plenty of time to get home before dark. So it will be a busy day again. I have to visit with the in laws .

Oh hell! I keep forgettin to tell y’all…not sure what made me think of this, but hubby has a friend.. a guy he fishes with, well, this guys wife is a cop--- so she ran my DL--- guess what—it’s CLEAR !!! the dr didn’t flag it- or suspend it or whatever. So I have been legal all this time! I’m sure that if I did happen to have a seizure while driving—it would be a whole different story—but I really don’t expect to have another one—not after all the med changes, and all the tests coming back saying my brain was ok. Sooo—that is really a big load off my mind. Even tho I have been driving some—I was pretty much a nervous wreck while doing it. now it’s not so bad. PHEW.

Well, I guess that’s about all I can come up with for now… I shall post this..and the wrap up when I get home tonight.

See ya then.

Happy Sunday!


i don't know why the font up there is so giant ! or bold-- i didn't ask it to be.

anyways-- we're HOME. i love to be home.
that wasn't that long a drive.. i guess i'm just not used to driving much anymore-- or lately, or whatever the word is, and i guess it just kicked my ass a bit.
it's good to be home.

well, except for the fact that now that we've been home for a while.. and have had some time to recover.. i am realizing that i'm pretty damned hungry. and , as usual, we don't have anything to eat !!! wth?? how does that always happen??? and always at the worst possible time too??

well anyhow. i'll figure something out in a while. there's always pizza. you know it's my favorite. gag me.

well, let me summarize a few things then i'm gonna go finish makin my iced tea. i'm dyin of thirst
only me, soulkid and sushi came home today.. so soulkid can go to school tomorrow.
hubby and eevie stayed at the cabin to visit with his mom and aunts for a couple more days.
they will come back wednesday. unless he gets homesick, then he'll come back tomorrow. he's so sweet. he looked like it was gonna be a year before he would see us again when we left. poor guy. but he shouldn't be lonely, his mommy's there.. and so is his dog. what guy could ask for more right? :))

as for fishing-- we didn't fish . even though we had the boat with us. yesterday we were busy visiting. and today, he asked if i wanted to go-- but i actually didn't wanted to. i was enjoying just chillin out. it was nice to not have the stereo blastin the walls off.. or worrying about something i needed to be doing, like dishes or laundry or taxes, or appointments, or just anything. i was sittin on the couch playing solitaire on my no internet havin computer--- something i never do.. but it was kinda nice. so .. that's what i did for a while. he played some too, and even he enjoyed it.
then later at about one.. we heated up the rest of the pork butt and took it over to his moms place and we ate lunch and visited with them for a couple hours before the child and i had to hit the road. it was a good time over there. i do find myself fortunate that i get along with his family-- and that they like me too. and they loved seeing soulkid. it's been a long time since some of them have seen us.

as for eevie poopin on their floor the night soulman took her over-- well she didn't-- but she did pee on their floor as soon as they got there ! LOL . she was just so excited she didn't know what to do with all that attention.
as for poopin? of course she saved that for our place ! soulkids room. LOL. but it wasn't her fault. she did actually ask to go out this time.. but i thought she only wanted out because i had just got back with sushi-- so i was waitin for soulman to take her out. while i was waiting for him.. she was crappin in the bedroom ! OOPS!! next time i guess i better listen.

hmmm.... am i forgettin anything??

oh pictures... i left soulman in charge of pictures yesterday at the aunts house-- he took like ten... all seperate of the aunts and his mom.. and the one of his mom-- she would kill me if i posted it-- there isn''t a single one of him.. and i did post one of me and soulkid above that he took over there. never trust a man to take photos at a family gathering.

anyhow i think that's about it-- as if it isn't enough right.
hope i didn't bore y'all to sleep. it was a pretty mellow weekend.. but that is really what i was hopin for.

now-- i am hopin for a quick trip to the dentist to get my tooth glued back in !! ugh.
surely y'all didn't expect things to be perfect???

i'm tiahd, stahvin, and blind.. so i shall catch up with y'all in z mo'nin

the MICE-- they are alive ! and fed and watered ! and very damn lucky-- soulkid admitted today, they hadn't been fed for FIVE days ! poor meeces. who wants some mice???
i can't believe they lived!