Thursday, June 10, 2010

girls week part deux

hiya peoples-- how are ya on this fine fine thursday mornin?
things are not too bad here. i think i may have fully recovered from our little getaway. well, as much as i expect to at least. i have been a vegetable ever since we got home the other day (tuesday evening-ish). man i was whooped. i hit the bed and didn't move til the next morning, then yesterday - i ran kids around a little , went to sonic with soulkid in between taxi rides, then got back home, and what did i do? yep, sat back on my couch and did computer stuff. i blogged and worked on my bank etc. it was really a drag to see how much money was actually spent over the few days we were vacationing. money was no object-- except in my mind of course :)) i did worry some about the cash outflow - but there really wasn't a lot i could do about it-- so i tried not to think about it. i dealt with it yesterday tho. we still have enough money for our TN vacation.. it just may not be as care free financially as i had hoped it would be, but that's alright. it aint about the money anyways- right?

oh and i did catch a huge break in hot springs at the toyota place. my car was making a weird and scary noise up at the front right tire area. ever since the incident on the hi-way. so i was real concerned that it might be something important.. like a tie rod.. or bearings.. or something that could make the ride home not so safe - ya know. so i needed an oil change anyhow-- so i decided to take the ole girl in for a check-up- and oil change (etc).
when i picked up the car, i just knew i was gonna be droppin 100.00 or so. in order to keep my warranty in effect i have to do my oil changes at toyota. it runs around 80 bucks here. i expected similar there. plus - any extras.
well. they did find the cause of the mystery noise... it was some kind of under carriage mud guard -- but they called it somethin else... my car is under warranty still-- so that didn't cost me anything to fix. they also did whatever they do for the accelerator recall thing. all i had to pay for was the oil change, and since they kept my car an hour longer than they told me they would? guess what i paid em? 16.27 !! i was thrilled! and they even gave her a bath! :))
so anyhow-- it was worth that, just for the piece of mind knowing my front end wasn't gonna fall off on the way home.

ok - so anyhow-- i have a lot of comments below- so i reckon i shall just work off of those for this post-- get some coffee, pull up a chair, and get comfy :))

Blogger Brad said...

Helo Dear! - Glad to see you all had fun, and I'm stealing a copy of the pic of the four of you!

===== yep brad, we had a real good time. couldn't have begged for better. go ahead and take the pic-- i suggest ya click it first- it gets bigger. i won't say better. ;))
but we do look pretty good for a bunch of ole ladies eh?
soulkid doesn't count-- she'll be beautiful forever.

Blogger Golden To Silver Val said...

So glad you had a good time and are safely back home. Nice to get away....but always nice to get back home. You and soul-kid made some good memories. Why does your arm hurt....did you pull something trying to keep the vehicle under control or what? Anyway...feel better soon! C

====== hiya c --

no. my arm pain, was actually from my neck and shoulder. then radiated through my arm. the worst of it was at my right shoulder blade, and back... it was nerve pain, burning- hurting- awful pain, and i had run out of pain meds on the trip- cuz i had an everlasting migraine.
we still had fun though--- and i did my best to not complain about it. you know the first thing i did when i got home tho-- was hit the med chest ! it's better now.

Blogger Donna said...

Glad you enjoyed yourselves! AND you lived to Tell about it! Wow!
Great shots girl!

==================hiya d-tx..

whatever am i to call you two donnas? you both comment here-- and i just don't know how to keep ya straight. that's ok tho- i'll get it worked out-- how's the d-tx thing work for ya? of course the other one :)) would be d-tn. works for me.
anyhow-- yes we did have fun. and yes, thank God we didn't crash. but i won't take credit. my drivin skills suck. i even somehow managed to drive into my sises security gate at her condo-- leave it to me. i refuse to ever drive again. oh how i wish i could get away with that. soulkid gets her license on july 1st. maybe i can hang up my keys forever??? i really shouldn't drive these days. anyhow-- happy day to you- hugs-

Blogger Brenda said...

Welcome home! Glad you had fun and I LOVE the pics!

==== geesh you sure are talkative brenda. what's goin on in your world lately? i still haven't made it to anyones blog since bein home -- i'm workin on it. i'm worried boutchya - i'll be over soon.
Blogger Cheryl said...

Great travel blog. It sounds like it was an almost perfect trip. The car incident scared me! So glad you and Soulkid had such a great time together.

========= i was so happy it went well cheryl. i thought of you a lot on our little trip. it's amazing how these girls can be so sweet-- when they want to. maybe you and yours can have a mommy daughter getaway??? they are growin up so fast. how did i miss so much?
anyhow-- hope you're both doin good.. hug her when ya get the chance.. next thing we know - we're gonna be watchin them drive away for good. awwwww. (TEAR)


Blogger ethelmaepotter! said...

Ah, nothing like a nice, relaxing vacation!

Seriously, you do carry adventure with you, don't you? And even with all your stories, the first question I have is...How did you manage to keep the cat in the stroller while you were fishing?!

Catchphrase is fun! My son has it and we always play with three, too - Fred refuses to play any kind of manufactured game - his idea of fun and games involves lots of groping and panting and he always comes out the winner - so we manage quite well with three.

My emotions were all over the place in this post - happiness that you and Soulkid had a good time together, empathy with your pain, fear in the almost-accident, sorrow in learning of your boys.

Hey, Soul, you need a vacation!

============ it was relaxing EM!! that word isn't even in my vocabulary here at home. i don't even know why. i must just look for stuff to stress about. cuz it was just FUN. no worries. no stress . just a really good time. i enjoyed everyones company. no one was arguing. no animals to worry about. nuthin. just down home good times. and if i remember it-- it is all a nice memory to have :))
oh, the cat in the stroller (sounds like a childrens story :)) that is one of my sises cats-- i forgot to post a pic of her other one.

this one is "Cavuto"..

she also has O'Reilly.

cavuto does better in the stroller -- they wear harnesses. they love to go for walks , and cavuto is quite vocal about letting her know when he wants his walk. he gets into the stroller-- and tells her he wants to go. he's been going for walks so long now- he knows if he jumps out he will be hanged. :)) so he does stay inside. he looks around, sticks his head out etc. it is the cutest thing i have ever seen. when she was in England? she had to buy an actually baby carriage to walk him in!!!! i have never seen such spoiled cats in my life-- they wouldn't even eat the rib-eye steak i offered them "they like turkey". oh lawdy.
i am gonna get catchphrase-- it's great-- and i love your description of freds favorite game :)) classic.
i know what ya mean about the range of emotions-- i'm like that on a daily basis.
life is an adventure in soulland. :))
and i do need a vacation from my vacation.
but i wouldn't change a thing :))

Blogger Donna said...

Ah, you had a good time! Woot, woot!!!

================ you d-tn, why so yacky? did you go on your trip yet? sorry, i haven't been to your blog either-- i guess i would know if i did read it. i'll be over in a few.
anyhow-- yes ma'am, as you have seen already -- we had a blast !
laterz- scab :))


Blogger Blur Ting said...

For some reason, I couldn't see the photos but I'll come back later to check.

It sounds like a perfect 'bonding' trip with your kid. She must really appreciate this. Her maturity is showing through!

Oh, the near accident was scary. Glad you're back. Now is the time to rest and have nice memories of the trip.

Blogger Blur Ting said...

Oh, I could see the pictures now! All happy faces and soulkid is so pretty!!

====== she really is growin up (maturing) . she handled the cemetery better than i expected. and she had a lot more to say about that than i expected she would. i think this was a good age to take her there for the 1st time. (at an age that she knows what's goin on and what it means etc). it was tough, for both of us. but it was time.
yeh-- we did bond. it was a good, and needed time for both of us.. all of it.
oh yeh-- the almost wreck? i just hope that never happens again.
and unfortunately, rest time is over-- i must get-UP now, and be productive. whaaa. :))
glad you got to see the pix.
i hope you and yours are doin good out in 'my paradise' :))
any soul-dreams lately ? :))
good to see you here-- how's motha? yankee?