Tuesday, June 3, 2008

tuesday PS.

howdy folks..

what'd y'all do today???

i did some of my favorite things..

first i had to do my business stuff-- which isn't included in the favorites-- but i did get 20 bucks back for a school library book i paid for that soulkid found.. woo hoo for that.

next, i went fishin--- i didn't stay long, maybe an hour or so-- but here is the catch o' the day --

then i came home and

ate like the hawg that i am.

and then i lazed in front of the tv...

until i fell asleep--

then i napped..

then, well...

not much--

today was the last day of school here --

well.. til next week :))

then it's summer school for mine,

one class again.

sucks to be her i reckon.

this time i don't have to drive cuz it's right across the street !

woo hoo-

welp... now i must cook dinnah --

hope y'all had good days---

boring boring boring

this is my brain

this is my brain on blogger

if i'm lucky
i'll have something to say later on today---

until then :

i'll be baaaack --