Sunday, June 7, 2009

things that make ya go hmmmmmmm- and stuff

i am now an aunt in law--- my youngest nephew got married yesterday--- congrats to him and the new bride. this is the only wedding pic i have seen so far. and i only saw it cuz i stumbled upon it on facebook/ boy, i sure feel special. i haven't seen the bride and- or groom yet. but these guys sure look nice. don't they?
the one on the left, that's my eldest nephew-- the one on the right-- he's the middle nephew-- and the one in the middle-- i do not know. and , like i said , the baby, was married.
the only pic i found of him was this one :)) it makes me laugh.. because my pre-wedding pic that was taken of me, was a little similar to this one-- i'm not sure who he was -- if anyone-- emailing or talkin to-- but in mine-- i was also sittin on the bed, half ready, lookin likea nervous wreck, toothbrush in my mouth, and talking to my dad on the phone. i don't know where that pic is-- or i would post them together-- but here he is--

it's hard to believe that he's married now. even if it has only been a day.
all these boys just feel like my own. i love them so much-- the sad thing is-- i have missed so much of them growing up. i spent a lot of their younger lives with them.. living with them, visiting them. etc. but as time went by-- and especially when i joined the navy-- i began to miss more and more. and now that they are grown, it's near impossible to even see them once a year.

we really wanted to go to the wedding. my daughter was even supposed to be -- i don't even know what she was to be called-- not a brides maid-- is it? i don't know. but she was so looking forward to it-- and so proud to have been asked . but for us to be saving money for a house-- it just couldn't be done. not with flight prices, and hotel, and a car, and food. ugh. it broke her heart-- and ours to not be able to go-- especially since in the beginning, a few months ago-- we thought , and planned on going.

i didn't have the opportunity to see any of these boys graduate high school, and now i have missed the firsts wedding. i sure do love them though.. i just hope they all know how much. sometimes things just get in the way.

anyhow-- as soon as someone sends me a photo of the dressed up bride and groom.. i will post it. and i bet i will cry.

so. hmmmm-ing on.
yesterday, we did go house-hunting. AND fishing. AND the soul-child was set free. just like i knew she would be. she was un-grounded for good behavior. :)) the kid actually cleaned-- i was shocked.

things that make ya go hmmmm, eh?

so-- about the houses first huh-- we saw some really nice nice ones. i flat fell in love with on of em. i was totally shocked at the price too. bad thing first-- it was a two story. i don't do stairs well. (physically). and most of the house was upstairs. not much i would really need to use though-- except -- for a fee..... you could get a "media room. it was so awesome. and as many movies as i like to watch, i woulda really liked to have it. not sure if we could have afforded it... but i woulda sure tried. anyhow-- upstairs, was, an extra living room...or a game room, whichever ya wanted to make it-- but it was loft like-- not closed off to the down-stairs. but it was really nice. it of course had railings so no one could fall off, but music, or a loud tv, or something woulda been bothersome to downstairs. it was just really nice though. also up there was three bedrooms, and the media room. and a full bathroom. downstairs was of course the living room, kitchen-- i loved the way the kitchen was set up.. there was also a front room that looked out FRONT-- that is so difficult to find here for some reason. they build houses so stupid here. but my first thought was THAT IS MY OFFICE. perfect size-- nice windows.. my stuff woulda fit great in there and looked good too (being the first room ya see when ya walk in)-- it also had a little "mud room, and a nice sized laundry room... mine here is so small..i hate to even walk in it. the master bath was downstairs-- which is a MUST HAVE IF we end up with a upstairs or a loft style anyhow. it had a great closet-and was bigger than the one we have now. we would have room for a chair or loveseat to watch tv or read. it had a dining area with lots of windows... it was just soooo awesome. we walked through it like three times. but we kept thinkin it just has to be waaay over our budget. it must be around 250-300,000. we finally got the nerve to ask. it was 158,580. i couldn't believe it. (the media room added an extra 11,000---which is over our loan amount---so it's kinda iffy. well...very iffy...unless we could have em build it to where that could still be built on later.
BUT--- we decided to pass. but it's a gorgeous home, and i would love to have it-- media room and all. it's just a damn good thing we hadn't been approved for the loan yet-- or i woulda jumped all over it. --- it's just in the wrong area for us. ugh.
i gotta say-- it's the nicest house i ever could actually see us livin in. the price was more than shocking. brand new. not even built. it'd be four months out to be built.

so anyhow-- we drove a lot lookin at houses, and did see other nice ones that we looked. but that house really spoiled me. we did see another one in our price range that i really liked-- the back yard was gorgeous, actually landscaped... we have always had crappy yards. always. patchy grass. dead grass. no grass. cannis over growth. this yard took my breath away. the paint scheme-- yes they actually had colors-- every room was different--and so pretty, i almost fainted. i don't have the ,mind to come up with that kinda thing-- nor do i have the physical strength these days to paint one room, much less a entire house. but i loved it. i coulda jumped on that one too-- BUT-- we decided the rooms were a bit too small. we woulda even had to sell our king bed and go back to a queen if we got that one. so we decided naaaah.

anyhow-- we did see a lot of houses, and several we liked, but i think we need to keep lookin. there is an area near hubbys work..which is also near most of my dr's , that i have really liked since we moved here , way back in 99.. we need to look over there. we keep thinkin, we have to keep soulkid in her school district. well i came to the decision yesterday-- screw her school district-- this area is where she almost killed herself, went to jail, etc etc etc. she won't even live there but a few years. we need to look for a house that WE are gonna live forever--- she'll just have to deal with it.

oh.. as far as fishin.. we let the kid spend the night with a friend and go to the mall, and all that girlie stuff... and we went fishin. i don't know where we found the energy-- but we did. we fished for a couple hours, and caught nuthing. our pond sucks anymore. time to find a new one. i think next time i go i will go back to where i broke my rod . there's big fish in there still. and they have my name on em. we have also decided that when we get on the boat-- prolly when angie comes -- hopefully we'll get some nice fish then and we'll bring em back and stick them in the pond. some jerk -- or jerks have been keeping them..and i'm just broken hearted about that. the fishin just stinks there anymore. no more four pounders . i hope whoever kept em got mercury poisoning--well, as long as it didn't kill em. just the poops or somethin ya know.

i think that about catches yall up. oh cept tomorrow we find out for sure about summer school. i shall let ya know if i hang the kid from the town clock or not.

damn...i just realized the time--- i haven't eaten today and i am starved! someone come take me out to eat!!!

hope y'all had great days today.
mines about over.
i have cramps and i am lazy---