Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i seem to lack the will to find the will to GET UP

mornin folks-
nope , i haven't fallen off the face of the earth--- yet. still kickin out here in the grand ole state of texas. it only seems as if i've vanished. but no. i've only been slothing. or perhaps collecting mold , like the sloth that i am.

i honestly don't know what happened to me. it's been hard for me to stay awake during the day-- and hard to sleep through the night. peacefully or solidly at least. my days and nights somehow got turned inside out. i don't know. but it aint been any fun. or productive. that's for sure. i know it's only been a couple days-- it feels like a week though.

anyhow-- hopefully it'll get straightened out soon. and i'll get back on track.

i feel bad that i'd been cryin about lack of comments here and all that- and y'all have been so good about it now, and here i am bein the worst of the bunch and not even visiting anybody, much less talkin to ya'll on my own blog. i oughtta just be strung up and horsewhipped. i'll catch up. and i am sorry. can't really blog when you're crashed out tho-- can ya?

ok-- so anyhow-- enough of that i reckon.

where do i start?

wanna start with how my legs are doin after the 'shot' ? that sounds like a good place-- i think it is gonna work. i still have some pain there-- but if i had to-- i bet motrin or some other OTC med would cover it. (i'm not sposed to take those meds tho- cuz of my belly issues-- eegads- it's always somethin with me, aint it :P )
so anyhow-- yeh- still takin pain meds-- but i bet it's cut in half from what i was takin just a few days ago. they never made me 'feel' anything like you'd think that amount would-- but i'm sure it's better to not take so many. so. the pain has lessened-- and i believe that it will continue to lessen --- if it gets as good as last time-- it was 98% better in that area -- so i'm thinkin positive there.
and i thank all of you for your positive thinking, good thoughts, and of course your prayers sent my way!! :))

next? the boat? wanna see it? it's so purty. i had posted a pic of it once on my other blog-- but i only left the pic up for a couple hours, before i felt i may jynx it. cuz at that time, we had very little money paid on it, and i just didn't feel real secure about it. but now-- it's almost paid off, and of course plans are in the works for pick up, and everything is in motion to make it ours- and bring it home. :))

so. without further ado---- here she be :

(and for smocha-- here's the trucka- we already have :))

the only thing about the photo? we get it without the engine :(( we will have to use the engine from the boat we have now--- which is actually smaller than what we need for that much boat. but it's only temporary. for non boat folks-- the motor is actually the bulk of the price of a boat-- especially a used one. that motor there? prolly costs about 7 or 8,000.00. the one on the boat we own? it's worth more than the boat it sits on. maybe 5- 6,000. and the payoff on our boat -- is a tad over 4 grand + . pretty sickening when ya break it all down huh? so-- i aint even gonna say what we paid for the 'new ' one-- even without the motor .... but it is gonna be awesome to not have a boat payment. well... after we set the one we have on fire---- oh did i say that out loud? sorry-- i mean after we pay it off :))
y'all know we aren't that kinda people. we're gonna double up-- i hope-- on our payments and get it paid off. or maybe trade the hull for part of a car for our spawn :))

oh i think this is the last of what i got for now---the built ins pic. remember when i mentioned painting them? well, to be honest-- my place is a wreck at the moment-- as if you couldn't have guessed that - right. so here is a pic that was taken one day that we looked at the house before we bought it-- the decor is not ours the way we have it now. but you can get the general idea of the layout--
- painting suggestions? -

so yeh-- that's the brezz-land update-- what's goinin on in your world?

hope y'all have happy days today--

i'm dressed- that's a start- right? :))