Tuesday, January 19, 2010

gittin er done

hiya folks-

how are you on this fine - fine tuesday morn?
time flies when you're havin fun don't it? the clan here was home for the last four days runnin, and it seemed kinda weird for me. i was gettin a little too used to havin the days to myself, and not 'feelin' like i 'should' be actually doing somethin. with or for someone, at least. not that i really did do much of either-- but i think if i didn't i at least felt the pressure or pretended.

oh hell. does that make any sense at all?

y'all know the ole sayin... "fake it til ya make it". right? well, i spose that's what i'm sayin here. i faked my way through an extended weekend. and voila! i survived.

i'm not sure i remember everything i - we- did, but here's what i do remember... good lawd , i really do think i am early stages-- it's scary.. but somethin i need to see if they can test for. altzheimers is in my family. my mom had it at an early age.

bleh, the thought gives me the heebie jeebies-- so , back to what i was sayin. (in no particular order.)

some things did get done, but stez actually ended up doin the doin part ;))

such as getting my car inspection done. finally. phew. just that alone was about to give me a damn stroke. but could i find the time or energy to go have it done myself? umm no. otherwise it woulda-- and shoulda , been done by the end of december.

ummm, we were going to see 'the lovely bones' at the theater. actually we did go to see it. but we got there a few minutes late-- and by then-- guess what? it was sold out :(( and there was no alternative at that time slot-- so- we went to dinner. boy it was good too. and we talked and had a good time. it's been a while since we had a dinner like that. not so much the meal-- but everything went right. from the server- to the food- to the conversation- just the whole thing. it was just a good, enjoyable- relaxing time with my family. and i liked it.

we also watched a bootleg of 'zombieland' online- but hooked it up to the tv. it was a very poor visual display of a pretty good movie. wasn't what i expected. but it had it's moments. maybe a 5*. it was pretty funny. worth renting. or seeing.. maybe in a dollar theater-- if they have those where you are.
we have one-- but it already came and went out of ours.

ummm... hubby and i watched 'the hurt locker' on 'on demand' (a cable channel thing') that was pretty good. it had one of those characters in it that you 'love to hate' kind of. he's a real asshole-- but he kinda grows on ya-- but he's still an asshole.
good movie tho-- a war movie-- action type guy flick-- but i liked it too.

i think it was sunday-- but i could be wrong-- but we went to a late breakfast one day at a place we call "our breakfast joint". man they have some good food. down home cookin stuff. that was good. and another good time.

aaaand, i finally got at least a start on my tax hell. i gathered-- what i hope-- are all my receipts for the last year. most of which are medical. of course. not once has the fortune we spend on my medical bills helped us out as far as taxes go. i don't get it. i must be doin somethin very wrong when we do our taxes. i hear so many folks say they got 3000, or 5000 back on their taxes---- holy hell... how???
we donate stuff all thru the year, i pay out the nose on medical-- i swear i have a separate dr for every part of my body. my child has spent a small fortune on her teeth and dr's this past couple years.
but---- does any of it come back to us? ummm. no.
is it because we are us? ummm i bet it is.

anybody wanna help do our taxes this year? i'll pay you. :))
cuz i'm not doin it right.

hmmmm. what else? i reckon nuthin.

i have plans to do my chores today. do you think i'll get em done?
i will get back to you on that. k?

oh-- a couple other things-- i had to cancel eevee's surgery-- but will reschedule when she gets back from florida. the vet said she would still have stitches when they left, so that wouldn't be good-- jumpin in and out of the truck-- or runnin in the ocean :)) -- stuff like that. so she'll have it done after her 'vacation' :))

as for me? i scheduled a 'lumbar steroid epidural' injection for january 25-- next monday. hopefully it will work as well as the last one. and maybe alleviating some of this damn pain will also alleviate some of the depression that goes along with it. fear of pain makes me sad and lazy. or vice versa . whichever. when i'm on my ass i don't aggrivate the issue, ya know? i can just sit here , take drugs, and be still.

when i am active-- the pills do nuthin, i hurt worse, and i get depressed and angry-- then i get bitchy and everyone hates me.
that's when i just want to sleep all day- or become invisible. ya know.
so yeh... hopefully the injection will work.
i may even get ballsy-- and ask about a rhizotomy in that area. it scares me to think about it. i already told them after they did my right cervical-- in my neck and back-- do not touch the left side-- ever. cancel that appointment and i will just live with it the way it is. cuz if y'all remember... i did not handle that well, the pain worsened , and only now is settling down to where i can even wear a necklace again! eegads.
anyhow-- i am afraid of that happening if they try my low back and legs--- but what if it works? if the shot worked all these months--- that might work for up to a year.
that would be a gift from God. i could FISH again, if i had my legs back-- and didn't worry all the time about doin too much-- or them hurting all the time.

so--anyways-- that's what's goin on in my world-- what is happenin in yours?

happy tuesday folks-