Friday, February 26, 2010

fried-day tid bits

howdy folks-- hope y'all are havin a fine fine friday -

mine's not really anything to complain about - so far. i'm sure i could change that at any time -- i'm good at that ya know. but i don't wanna go there. not today. i'm actually doin pretty good lately. as far as I go, that is. the meds seem to be workin fairly well. no , i take that back. let's say-- they're workin. and God knows - that is most definitely a good thing.

i am still having a mean motivational problem though. if i knew how to get a hold of some speed -- i am afraid i would have to be forced to look into that option, at this point. i cannot seem to DO anything. i am lucky i manage the minimum required of me. and for those who know me? the minimum is not enough, and that alone depresses me. but-- even so-- my family is backing me up, knows i'm struggling with the med change -- and like me, awaits the shit to just settle and adjust with my system. we are all just happy that i am not a basket case like i was just a short time ago. so-- other than that? i doubled the dose of the devil - i mean med last night-- and so far today, i don't feel any different than i did with the other dose -- so for that -- i am happy. i expected to be a zombie. well, more of the zombie than i already am.
but i am alright. and really hoping to accomplish more on my list than i have as of late.

so. now that i'm done 'soul-bashing. '

do y'all remember 'this' song? it's :

"Silent Lucidity by Queensryche :"

(embedding isn't allowed on u-tube, but the original video is there - and oh so much better. if you go there -- well here : it is most awesome - and you will see the band --- *note the guitarist :)) -- who is also the songwriter of this particular song.)

anyhow-- are you wondering why i even care about any of this??? or better yet, why i think y'all should care? well, i will tell you. or perhaps -- maybe i will show you first -- then i will tell you. how's that sound?
ok--- first,
display number 1 --

and now-- display #2

so. yeh . i thought that was pretty cool.
and no. i'm not much of an autograph collector, per say -
but if and when the opportunity presents itself, i'll take one. and soulkid has always kinda liked to get an autograph here and there. she has many different people.
especially pro-fisherman/fisherwomen, from back in the day when i fished tournaments. i did that for a couple of years, and she was able to meet many of them on the circuit. and get photos with them and autographs etc. she enjoyed all of that-- of course she would never admit it now. :))

so. how did we come to get these particular signed photos ? is that what you're askin yourselves? well, i can tell ya -- but i might have ta kill ya. oh shaddup. i know it's the oldest and worst line in the world-- i just couldn't resist.

anyhow-- the only way i can tell ya is to not mention my hubbys place of employment. which i know doesn't help a whole lot- cuz i know several of you already know it. so. on that note-- for those who do know -- let's keep that on the DL - k?
aiiighty then .

soulman just so happens to work at a place that 'celebrities' are not uncommon to him. sometimes on a daily, maybe monthly basis. so in his line of work this passed week, it just so happens that he is in contact with the 'guitarist/songwriter' of the band queensryche this week.

(insert teen screeching here :))

i know guys, yes it has been twenty years since this particular song was in the top ten. and yes, i also know that it was the hair band age, and cry in your beer days. ok , cry in MY beer days. but this song was one of those songs that just means a lot to me, and prolly always will. it has always found it's way onto my -- well, back then it was a 'mixed tape' now i spose it's a 'play list'... but yeh, believe it or not-- it is there, even to this day.

some of you may know -- or by now be able to figure out why it means what it does to me. but hey... i really was like a teenage girl when soulman came home the other day and told me who was in his class.

i didn't think about asking for the pic to be signed 'to SOUL" until it was too late. that woulda made it twice as cool. to me anyhow.
but i still think it's pretty cool.

and did you notice what soulkids says?
"you have the coolest dad in the world--except for maybe stella mcartney"

hahahah--- he may be old -- but he still rocks!

go check out the song --- it really is a good one.

and on that happy note i shall go-- and try my best to be productive today-

have happy days in your worlds--
i shall try

it's a NOsun day in tejas -- but it's pushin about 50 degrees - so that's tolerable. perhaps even fishable, IF i manage to clean the kitchen!! bleh save meeee