Monday, September 1, 2008

spreadin what i'm lovin and hatin on lately

yep-- it's a lovin and hatin on kinda day--
ummm, well...
just cuz---
cuz why?
cuz i got nuthin better-- that's why----

nah, not lovin- or hatin my cats-

just more like attempting to keep my own moods in check--
but failing - miserably.
as i search for the happy medium while the pendulum swings by - and by again
the balance line.
seeing only stress, and anger.

yet finding THIS-
on my list of lovin ons

"the Aquapod"
becomes a new found love.
call me easy to please-
but it is a mini bottle of water..
about 11 oz.
but it is sooo small-
it's the cutest damn thing i ever seen!
well, since the baby coke cans.
i always find myself undable to finish a whole can of coke or bottle of water-
then i'm too chintzy too throw it away- than i end up drinkin a 12 hour or one day old hot flat old half empty something.
only cuz i didn't wanna throw it out.
so i find the mini portions and just fall in love with em !
course they never last around here like they should-- even when we have the normal sized of everything--
just cuz everyone else thinks that they're just so darn sweet, they just like to play with them. that they'll drink three or four at time , just to play house with em, that they never last like they would if only i drank em. so i don't really save the money that i plan to by buying them. but they are very cute- and would be prefect for the small belly or for a baby. if you could keep the curiosity of the rest o the bunch away from from em ! and actually use em for the smaller appetite. erg.

oh here's another lovin thang--
for those of you stockin up your soulman questions--
i found these invitations online-- i spose they will be the official invitations we will use for saturdays with soulman:

(saturday with soulman-
next saturday-)

and seein a s i know nothin about photoshop or photo editing-- this is how they have to stay-- and y'll can just use your imaginations--
(i'll work on em)

know what else i found recently that i fell in love with?
it really sounds odd and a bit gross at first:
but THESE!



and my soulman-

ok... let's move on to some hatin thangs!


i sleep too much at the very wrong time !

same here-
thinkin when i shouldn't
and not thinkin when i should-
times like these i just wanna sleep for a week!

"sleep smokin"
or worse-
havin your picture taken WHILE sleep smokin.
for some reason i thought it was in my hand--
this is even worse-
not only is it still burnin--imagine it fallin on my chest or neck?

let's just top it off
with a general statement-
to include
everything else!

to end on a brighter note--

l (ove)
y (ou)
all my blog-peeps
have a happy , eatin-chillin labor day!