Saturday, August 4, 2007


i am a creature of habit. i know i said i wasn't gonna fish at the creek for a while... but i just can't help myself. SO.. that is where i went this morning. and guess what.... i got one. a niiiice one. and only one. but that is fine by me. at least now i know they are still there and still alive! i was soooo happy. hot, and kinda lopsided, by the time i got him... but i was happy to see his big ole mouth!
anyhow.. i was soooo ready to leave , for a long time before i got him. i kept tellin more cast, one more cast...different color bait... etc.... but finally on about my tenth.. "one more cast"... i got him!
i definitely need a better camera. my daughters has a timer on it...which would be better for me...than holding up big ole fish that don't even fit in the lens... but for now...this will have to do...
LOOK !!!