Monday, May 17, 2010

guess who's finally WENT fishin?

yep. that would be me. and on the boat even. our new one. for the first time. i'm excited. but yes, a little worried too. i hope my body doesn't turn against me. ugh. i also hope the weather will cooperate.
wish us luck. wish me fish. and check back back later to see the catch of the day -- if we get any. it's been quite a while since i been on the lake. i'm lookin forward to just bein on the boat- weather i catch fish or not-- but you know -- i better catch fish or i'll be a sad soul.

happy monday to you folks out there--

catchya latah --
i'm baaaack.
we went fishin, returned, ate lunch, took a nap, and got soulkid from school; since i wrote that. and in the meantime? not one person spoke to me here. (*tear* )
that's alright tho-- y'all can have lives.
our day on the boat was really great today.
well, cept for a couple things.
surely you didn't think MY maiden voyage would be 'perfect'
did ya?
well. it turned out fine, but not without effort.
the boat runs smooth as glass. we were runnin at 70 MPH, and i didn't get 'bumped' once! i couldn't believe it ! our other boat is such a rough ride. it doesn't matter how fast you're runnin, it is comparable to drivin a thirty year old truck without shocks down a dirt road! really.
i loved it. it was kinda cool this mornin, but of course by noon it was an easy ninety degrees and we were dyin.
the fact that the trolling motor batteries were dead from the first moment of the day didn't help any. we found docks to tie off to and found different ways to fish without trolling the banks - which is our usually way we do things. no wind, no breeze, just blazin sun, sittin still, gettin toasty red , sweatin in the texas heat .
i'm not complainin though.
i lost one fish while throwin a crankbait-- a "sexy shad" :))
then later i went to my old trusty "drop shot"
first- i got a cat fish. no picture-- i didn't wanna touch the gross thing.
next- i through another drop shot-- missed one. :((
tried a few more tricks in my bag -- but failed.
we moved -- tried a few things -- no luck -- until -
i went back to "old trusty " - my drop shot -
and look what the cat dragged in :))
making my day on the lake a purty g'dun :))

(bass-clown soul)