Tuesday, July 31, 2007

here are my dogs..... again....see why i missed them?

i'm never gonna get caught up

i have to get off this computer before my brain melts.
i will rearrange, and post other pix latah.
i will also try to get caught up on comments.
if i don't make it to comments, do not feel neglected...just realize, that i am far behind on everything...and my mind is in NM with my child.
i must go get my errands done...have to drive again...gawd! and go pay my rent. crap! etc etc etc.
why can't i just stay in my jammies all day and do nuthing?

Another Weekend Escape


(i will scan and post the record photos later..i'm sick of scanning at the moment!)

get my fish brotha man!

(there are one or two of me and the kid...but they are on HER camera.. in NM. :(
it's sooo weird to wake up and NOT go in her room to check on her :{

helloo..anybody here?

i'm almost finished scanning my weekend handwritten blog. fun stuff! NOT!
i will have it up in a few. be patient. it's a lot of stuff.