Sunday, June 28, 2009

finally-- here's the other video--- hope you see it, cuz i can't

mornin folks-

i only have a few minutes for a real quick update for now, so i may post again later.
we're fixin to head out to the pond but i have to get at least 1 cuppa coffee in me and let the aspirin start it's magic before i can even get up to get dressed. not to mention a couple of cigs.

the texas temps have been ragin hot lately. awful. i'm usually one that loves to get out and be in the sun in the summer-time-- but oh man, this is even too much for me lately. the heat-- on top of the pain lately-- ugh. any time i've left the house has been to drop off or pick up my kid.. eat... or house hunt. period. as for fishin... i may have been one time since angie left. but that's a guess. i may not have been at all.

i'm trying to put together a second video of the house-- one with some pix that weren't in the first one... i would have had it up last night--- but i have no music on this computer.. since my hard drive crashed.. i just haven't had time to mess with such things. so i'll do that later.

oh--- the reason i'm puttin more pix? we GOT IT !!! yesterday we went over while they did the home inspection, and termite inspection. two words about that--- NOT CHEAP. but word to the not so wise--- never ever buy a home without having it done. it is money well spent.
i will have to explain that in more detail later--- but after we bought a home, trying to save the inspection money, we skipped having it done---- it became a nightmare real quick. 150.00 (then) for the inspection.. woulda saved us literally thousands of dollars.

anyhow-- thay now have our earnest money, the appraisal has been done, and paid for by us-- the inspections are done--and paid for by us... and as far as i know--- they can't back out-- right??? only we can. right ???? they better not back out now.

ok... moovin on.. i never did make it to the lab on friday-- i was too tired. i slept almost all day, after going back to bed.

so-- i will go tomorrow-- and also to the pain management doc.
aj asked if it was worth my time to go to PM... hell no. i hate them. the only reason i'm going at all is my neuro told me to...after he cut off my pain meds. it's the pain management doc-- or drive to dallas to VA. i have a feeling-- i will end up at VA. after the pain magmt. doc-- suggests everything i have already been thru.

ok-- i must go. i shall return.