Saturday, May 2, 2009

don't cast your pearls before swine

surely most of us have heard that phrase right? of course the majority have found a swine or two to cast our pearls before as well. right?
but, that's not really what i'm writin about. i'm writing more about the now well known "swine flu". WTH? it's damn near mass hysteria out here. they have closed entire school districts !!! and major public events... even cinco de Mayo ... there's gonna be some pissed off peeps.
soulkids school is closed , as of last night "for 7 to 10 days" . ooooh how fun. but better home than dead. she has already had a cold for well over a week so her immune system is weak -- which makes her susceptible already .

but there has been a couple deaths out here in dallas from this. it seems the ones who are getting sick /and or dying, are elementary school age kids. so far two, that i am aware of in this area.

how bout in your towns-- how are people acting-reacting?? any schools shuttin down? mass hysteria? events being cancelled?

this thing is seriously making me think of that movie "i am legend". kinda. just not so over the top.

on the news last night, they had people call in with short comments about the whole thing-- some guy said he thought it was a terrorist attack.. starting in mexico , and now spreading across the entire world. hmmmm. i just don't think so.

but i do hope something can be done about it-- very soon.

hmmmm... i had more to say--- not about this... just more to blab about-- but you know me---- i forgot.
maybe i'll come back later with it if i remember.

happy saturday peeps-