Monday, July 14, 2008

another day here- they're all the same lately

hiya folks (here i go-- typing in bold-- for some unkown reason, yet again..) -- at least it isn't underlining )


yep-- another monday has befallen us. oh joy.

and wouldn't ya know it?
i STILL, got nuthin-
nuthin to say, no fish to show ya, just nuthin.

yep this is about how i feel too-

soooo - i'll just say that , i have been a bit agoraphobic lately. the past few days i have gone no where (if i have, i haven't had to leave my car.) like the drive thru pharmacy- or a drive thru food place- or somethin like that. and even that hasn't been often. the fishin has sucked lately-not to mention it's been 100 degrees outside-- so i haven't even been fishin for a few days.
can we say bored?
i really don't mind though. i'm actually gettin used to it-- and maybe it's not a good thing-- but i kinda am beginning to like not goin anywhere. i'm still in my funk a bit. not so close to the edge-- but maybe not as far away from it as i would like to be either. wish i knew wth to do about that.

so---- on that note-- i am being forced to face that fear-- or conflict-- or whatever it is-- in just an hour or two, to go to the damn neuro doc, for the follow up for the botox injections. which were supposed to help with the pain, but did not. now i wonder what-- if anything will be the next step. i suppose nuthing. but at least he is finally a dr. that is not afraid to treat pain as it should be treated. and not treat the patient as some sort of drug freak. in like three visits he discovered a real problem, that should have been diagnosed years earlier. i don't know if i should be pissed off or grateful. guess i'm a bit of both. so anyhow. ya. you know i don't want to go out my door-- but i must. :((

anyhow-- i gotta get ready to go--
i know my posts are probably boring the crap outta everyone lately-- jitterbug told me so---
but hey-- i'm tryin.

hope you all have the best day you are capable of having for a monday-- assuming that it is a good one-