Sunday, March 21, 2010

look y'all i reckon i'm happier than i thought i am

howdy folks -- happy midnight to ya-

brenda put the power of suggestion into my head to have some late night coffee , so here i am.. and not only that, since the first cup was the last sludge left in the pot from this morning? i just started a fresh pot, so i could have another cuppa. you do know what this means don't you? yup. it's all over but the cryin now.
you know i'm just teasin and tryin to blame brenda, right? i had been tryin to talk myself out of drinkin coffee already for an hour or two before i saw her mention it on face book. but really, once i saw it--- i was done for. i had a headache anyhow-- and knew it might help-- so i kinda virtually joined her in cuppa. why not right?
it was only a few minutes later when soulman came out from the bedroom, to see if i had fallen asleep on the couch. again. geesh. poor guy worries too much. i did however fall asleep out here one night last week, and pinched a nerve in my neck . man that was no fun at all. it hurt for several days ; my neck and shoulder. we have a theater seating type of couch - so i was not lying down.. it was more like bein all cockeyed and layed over half sideways in a recliner . sorta more-like. owwwch.
so he worries. he also worries that i will - might- could- fall asleep smokin -- sleep bloggin. it wouldn't be a first -- we all know this right? well mostly all. ugh. luckily it's been a while. i am becoming a more responsible smoker-- but hey it could happen.
so. unfortunately, i cost the man some sleep sometimes. i feel bad for that -- alot of the time. usually -- i am the first in the house to go to bed - and or, be asleep. we all like it that way i think-- everyone feels a bit safer that way. at least for me. they know i aint gonna eat- sleep- smoke - or drive-- under the influence of my sleepy meds. i have yet to attempt to go outside -- or drive -- but the blogging, sleep eating, and sleep smoking has happened in the past - and sometimes potentially dangerous things have occurred . ugh. yes really. we make fun sometimes-- but really - it's not funny. it's seriously dangerous when ya think about it. choking, burning, killing my family or myself. ya know? so yeh. i've gotten better - made some changes. etc.
but now that i think about it? just the other night-- 'somethin musta happened. cuz i know i had my cigs on my bed table when i went to sleep -- but when i woke up? they were in the livin room. and my lighter was still on my bed table. hmmm. i never did ask him. but it looks like soulman ,moved them. apparently for our protection.
that's pretty bad , dontchya think. i'm not a bad person... i just can't control myself when i'm asleep.

so anyways - guess what?

Mary from 'Pathways' sent this award to me. Thank you for thinking of me LBF.

i never pre-posted before, and lately i have been sleepin late -- til maybe 9 A.M -- not that i'm complainin, but most folks come around earlier than that lookin for somethin new to read with their coffee, and if i got nuthin, no one talks to me :(( so i figured i'd give this pre-post thing a try, and see how it goes. maybe until the late sleepin thing wears off and i wake up at 3 A.M. again , i may do it this way on occasion. just for y'all .
of course every post won't be self indulgent crap. not that i think this award is crap. i appreciate the thought behind it -- and i appreciate the friend who gave it to me. she is a real friend too-- just so ya know-- not just a blog pal. obviously.. or i wouldn't have done the meme, or the post. right? mary is my LBF. you don't know what that means - but that's alright-- i like it that way sometimes.. i have different 'names' for many of my friends - and that's what makes them special. well, you know what i mean. not the name- but the meaning behind it/them.

so, yes. that is right. and true. so yeh. i spose i should shut up and move on right about now don't you?

alrighty then...

[ *side note , before goin forward -- obviously, i had an operator malfunction and couldn't figure out how to pre-post this thing-- so here it is -- for you to read, whenever you want to. IF you want to :)) ]

Here are the rules for this award: [don't look at me that way, i didn't make em up :))]

1. When you receive this award you must thank the person that awarded you in a new post.

2. Name 10 things that make you happy.

3. Pass this award to other bloggers who make you happy. - (it's sposed to be ten- i aint even tryin for ten-- i'll do four - y'all do what ya want, but do play, o k ? )


1. y'all know the soul-clan, and soul-pets are number one in soul-land to make me happy.

2. i'm beginning to get some semblence of a life -- i kinda like that. and now with the warmer weather comin = more fishin and more movin around/exercise and all around just feelin better. even the thought makes me happy.

3. there is a real live vacation in the works around here. the soul-clan and i will be goin to TN in June to meet with a long time - but never met face to face yet friend and her family. (Prudence) - there will be a redneck BBQ to end all redneck BBQ's !! and boating, and fishin, swimmin, and all kinds of other stuff. literally a trip that has been talked about for 'years'. it is now gonna happen! and we're all happy about that!
even the men-folk :))

4. listening to soulkid laugh ! for 16 years it has been my favorite sound in the world. i will never ever get tired of it. and it will always be my happy sound.

5. comments from my friends on my blog or facebook -- as y'all know - they do all live in my computer :))

6. i'm beginning to learn that i don't mind 'people' as much as i thought. i actually 'visited' with my neighbors last weekend - they were havin a yardsale - how could i not scope it out. later i took the $10.00 over- they were done and inside. with a BABY/ a INFANT - (and i touched him! TWICE) there were 5 or 6 ladies - ages 20 to 50.. and they were all laughin and cacklin... and one told me they had already nicknamed me --- Herman. "Herman the hermit " !!! i told them i like 'Soul" :)) but they could go with that if they wanted to. yes i told them my real name too-- i don't think herman is acceptable-- for any of us.
they invited me over for another time (any time) -- i told them ok-- then i let them know-- "i'll never come over here-- i have coffee every morning tho-- feel free" . so we shall see :))
it was a good time-- both times.

(catching my breath)

7. good, solid, painless, sleep - that makes me happy.

8.warm days that i feel GOOD all over, are happy days.

9. days when my whole family is happy at the same time, make me happy.

10. did i mention-- fishing makes me happy -- friends and family make me happy -- writing makes me happy - and i reckon feeling like i belong 'somewhere' in this world makes me happy.

i told ya -- i'm easy to please. i don't think - in retrospect, that anything i mentioned up there costs a dime.

so. i thank you folks for puttin up with me -- i know it aint easy sometimes. :))
"just love me" :))

I'm passing on the award to the following:

they shall be--

donna -TX-
debbie -
donna -TN -
brenda -

and hey-- guess what else? it's a lot later now than it was when i posted that -- but in the meantime i been just cruisin around the net messin around, goin to new and different places , wherever my fat little snauseges took me--- and just guess where i landed a minute ago?

it's almost funny -- cuz it has to do with both themes of the day here on my blog-- go figure huh? things just happen that way sometimes around here.

anyhow go check out this link -- and participate if ya want -- i'm seriously thinkin about it. course, i'm half asleep at the moment-- i really should consider headin on to bed about now. i really don't wanna fall asleep in this chair again.
soulman is gonna do my hi-lites in my hair tomorrow, and if i have a pinched nerve in my neck, that won't be real comfortable, or maybe even possible. so yeh, i better start windin down here.
so yeh-- check this place out and see if it's somethin ya might wanna do -- if you like photos and you like happy -- you should like THIS TOO

( oh and btw -- it is sponsored by Frito Lay just so ya know)

anyhow-- on that happy note-- ha - happy - again. i am gonna go to bed. sooner or later.

--- * ha! so much for that idea-- it's later-- much later (3:59 A.m. - i'm STILL up)
still messin around.. still have a headache- still drinkin coffee. beginning to feel like my to do list i worked on earlier was all for naught-- due to the fact that i'll be lucky to last thru the hi- lites -- if that. and i really hope to get at least that far. but really THE most important on my list is to find whatever it is that died in my refrigigerator , dispose of it and disinfect every inch of that damn thing-- or simply replace it. cuz every time i put my face in there over the last few days? i could vomit , and refuse to eat out of it-- cept for the fresh groceries the fam got today, and soulkid cooked. that was yummy.

so anyhow-- i just wanted to show y'all another 'happy' i came across. it's a re-run for some, but new to many -- a video i posted a couple years ago. stuf that makes me smile . for some reason the music got pretty choppy in areas -- maybe from age? hellifiknow. but it's still fun to watch. hope you like it-

funny soul from soulmange on Vimeo.

g'nite peoples. or well, more like guten morgen for most :))