Saturday, April 26, 2008

flyin by the seat of my pants here

what a morning.. yes already. sorry -- wanna lay some bets on the table which will come first? -- me taking blog leave -- or y'all takin soul leave?i don't even know where or how to start this post. i am a cranky ass mood today. i woke up that way. extremely too early. big surprise there huh? ya i know. but i was really hoping to sleep in. i even took an extra sleeping pill, for that extra push for peaceful slumber -- which never came. well, beyond three or four hours anyhow. i can't remember . i either woke up at 3 or 4. but depending - i went to sleep around midnight.

i did manage to fall asleep again in my chair after a while - for a little while -- but not before i was already ruined.. and of course, even after the early morning nap-- still managed to wake up for the second time, still crabby.

i just wonder sometimes --
how the hell... do i go from



in such a short amount of time.

i've really been pushing myself around the house .. and out too actually, for the passed couple of days. this entire house has gone to hell -- and fast. ok maybe not so fast. but really it seemed fast. it was like i came out of the hospital the other day and looked around -- thoroughly disgusted. even though i had picked up here and there over the passed couple weeks.. it still managed to look just simply ghetto . for real. every damn dish was dirty and stacked around the the kitchen.. not even neatly-- just randomly. i had so much damned laundry i thought i would frickin die. it was everywhere. the washer and dryer ran all evening thursday night. for like three hours-- and CONSTANTLY yesterday. both machines... from fricken.. i don't even know 6 or 7 am.. til 6 or 8 pm.. and i am NOT exaggerating. the last blanket went in the dryer this morning. i lost count after load 7 !!! (BUT , the good news there? ALL is folded and put away! 9 times out of ten it ends up stacked in the living room unfolded and wrinkling waiting for it's rightful owner--yet stays there for days to only be filled with cat hair to be RE-WASHED!).

NOT THIS time.. bwa hahahaha

(BUT-- i am still awaiting the NEXT five loads of laundry to come out of soulkids room.. even thou i looked in there yesterday-- i didn't dare check the closet or under the bed .. there's no tellin what evil lurks in those places!)

my dishes are clean.. with very few dirty from yesterday to wash-- but the clean big ones are still stacked around ,and the dishwasher overloaded waiting to be put away.

i managed to half decorate my bedroom .. but really didn't have as much for the walls in there as i thought-- so it's not worth bragging about yet. so no pix for you yet. hubby didn't notice a thing-- or, if he did-- he didn't say anything. oh well.
anyhoo- if i get further there-- i'll throw a pic or two up today.

in my search for my bedroom nick naks etc.. guess what i found? my mom in laws LONG lost Christmas present !! i got a nice chuckle , and sigh of relief out of that. i have been looking all over for that since the move! boy will she be surprised. haha.

i also sorted through a mountain.. literally-- a small hill.. that had sat on my COUCH.. for days-- of papers, and crap-- bills etc.. FINALLY.. so now my LR-- looks like a Living room again. (rather than a landfill) -and my bills are in enough order to actually pay.
speaking of which.. i still haven't paid my damn vehicles or rent.
i think i may need to take a pill for that-- but i don't think there's a pill out there that i don't already take.. unless you count aspirin ! :((

*** note to CHARLOTTE-- i USED to be great at bills and banks online-- almost to that hobby extent too-- i found it fun and entertaining and a productive way to pass the time-- now it's a pain in my ass and only confuses me.. IF i manage to do it. i have no idea why it has become a problem.. it just has.

my mood has obviously gone to shit peeps and i am so sorry for that--- but obviously at this moment in time it can't be helped.
BUT if you know me at all-- THAT is always subject to change-- at any given moment. strange but true. could be this afternoon.. could be this time next month. we nevah know with me. cuz i am ME afterall.

welp-- i guess i would go work on writing my book for a while-- but someone has beat me to it :

isn't that a crack-up?

looks like a good one ! perhaps i'll try to find me a copy !