Sunday, April 8, 2007

it's easter, a lazy boring easter

bbq bunny roadkill easter dinner
where's the grill?

well,actually, it's the end of easter. it's 11 pm, i'm in bed, my xanax is kickin in, and i am on the verge of what i hope to be a good night sleep. really, that's not too much to ask , is it?

today was a yet another uneventful day in the life of Soulmange. i did very much of basically nothing. my daughter had a friend spend the night last i did end up going to the mall afterall...we all 4 went. the girls went their way, and hubby and i went ours. we went and got some dinner, and got the girls an easter toy. they were so cute. i'll put up a pic tomorrow maybe. but they are the same.. a mamma bunny with a basket of Chicks, and ya press her foot and the chicks hop up and down and sing "the hop"..or some such thing. the girls love it. we didn't have time for candy...but really they are almost beyond easter basket stage anyways. so, it was fun.

anyhow, my girl finally got her pants she was having a mental attack over. what a relief. but in their shopping alone, they somehow managed to lose a bag with 16.00 worth of other stuff she bought...which will probably never be seen again. but they had fun. and the walking around actually did me some good. i wasn't in need of a hover round when we left...this time.

so anyhow, as for today...remember my going on strike yesterday? grocery shopping, etc. well, that ended up being a big mistake on my part, and it backfired miserably. because, it was about 4 pm today, when i realized... oh crap... it's like an hour away from Easter dinner....and we have NOTHING to eat. unless of course we wanted to be reduced to top ramen, or maybe salad. NOT. and, i wasn't about to go to the grocery store TODAY. so we ended up ordering dinner from our bbq place we get from sometimes...the same one from the valentines fiasco. well, it didn't take too long to get here this time, but really, it was the first time i have ever eaten bbq for Easter dinner. i think it tasted somewhat like roadkill...easter bunny roadkill! i don't think i plan to do that again. it just didn't feel right. besides cost as much as a steak might have cost. 40 bucks almost...for bbq, that really, i don't think any of us wanted to eat in the first place. but none of us wanted to get dressed up, or go that's what we did. stayed in, half dressed, and watching tv. laziness never pays. i did however wash my dishes while waiting for the food to arrive. but really, i must get to the grocery store tomorrow. or starve.

also, hubby is off work tomorrow, and has agreed to go to the hospital for his hernia records. phew. i am gonna go with him in case he needs help. but it's a start. he is pretty pissed off about the thought that he may have to go through this surgery, missing work, and being laid up and in pain all over again. but i think he is realizing the seriousness of this whole thing. so i hope we get it all roiling soon. the good part of this is...he gets paid sick leave. phew. but ya know, i'm thinking, it might not be as bad if he has to do it again. not like the first time. i think that dr. just wasn't a good dr, and didn't do it right. plus i just think it won't be as bad for some reason. at least i hope not.

anyhow. i'm tired. and tomorrow, i really have to catch up on all my crap. and i already don't want to. but , like i said, at least i did wash my three day old stackage of dishes today, so won't have to mess with that tomorrow. i also started a load of laundry that i am at this point too lazy to go put i the dryer. i know. i know. i'm lazy, and i can't get up!

anyways...what did y'all do for your Easter? I'll bet you didn't stay in your pj's all day, take a two hour noon...or order bbq for holiday dinner, or watch the sopranos, and the appretice, whilst chain-smoking. did you? i'm guessing not.

so, anyhow, i'm going to sleep...i hope.

more tomorrow..maybe.