Thursday, September 10, 2009

well hell, it's morning already -

and nope--- no sleep for this ole hag. well, ok, maybe a few touch and goes. but i was in my chair and mainly online allll damn night long. again. dammit. i have a pretty strong feeling that today won't be a very good one. i already feel a migraine starting.
big day ahead. big worries, but prolly easy solutions.
note, when i wrote last night , i said i was saving some 'good news' for this morning.
well, where do i begin? it really is good... but a lot of stress comes with it.
i had been trying to get a hold of 'my cop' for a week last week. he never returned my calls. which up until that point has been unusual. he has always returned my calls, or called me if or when he had new information on the theft. but hmmm. not recently. so i left yet another message on his phone ,i think, yesterday morning. i mentioned on his machine-- and thought about it all day--- he must have called it quits on my case... and now what--- if anything will i do about it. ugh. i will admit, i am quite angry at this point. i feel like this guy got away scott free, after steeling so much of my life and memories from me. i find myself thinking about it more and more lately too. at first and for a long time, i tried to remain calm, and leave it up to the cops to do something. but as it began to seem that even they didn't care anymore-- i'll admit-- i got--and remained pissed off this passed couple weeks.

well, anyhow-- in the meantime-- or in that period or whatever... i got my 'hearing' letter in the mail. guess when that is-- and guess when i noticed? it is today !!! at 130 ! and i noticed it on my calendar last night!! holy criznap ! i'm not ready for that. i don't know what to say - or do- or nuthin. i don't know how to dress. i hate court. i didn't even do anything wrong, but i feel all nervous about goin. and nobody will even be there. this is the part where i'm only goin to get my rings back.. the ones asshole sold at the pawn shop.
actually -- one is mine , and one is soulkids'. gawd, i wish i knew what he did with the rest of my stuff.
so anyhow-- that's been on my mind. but the pawn shop peeps won't be there , the thief won't be there-- maybe the cop will, and the judge-- and my rings-- i guess all i do is ID it to the judge and i get it back. so why am i so ate up about it?
well... perhaps because i was ignored for a week. the pawn shop wouldn't give me the pawn ticket. the cops aren't doin anything. and every day that passes... is just another wasted day for this guy to get further out of town. ya know?

so anyhow-- last night my cop called me back-- finally. he said he's been on vacation. as important as i want to be-- i understand that i am not. and that is ok. it really is. cops have lives too. but he also is unable to give me the copy of the pawn ticket. but he thought i was just brilliant to think of getting a copy of the job applications. UGH. HE"S the cop--- why did I have to be the one to come up with that idea??? who knows. but i'm glad i did. cuz he is gonna work offa that now. he's gonna try to get the moving company bossman, to send both these guys job applications by fax -- so he wont take a day or two trying to get out to dallas again. what a pain in the keester. geesh. hopefully he can and will compare the signatures, find a match and haul the bastard in.
cuz i told him... i am just about pissed enough to put him in jail now. i am sure my stuff is long gone, and i have been taken just one too many times.
he said i don't blame ya. if i get a match, i will serve a warrant.
so-- yep-- that did lift my spirits a bit. quite a bit. i just hope this works. y'all pray that it works , and i get some justice for once.
he also told me that the 'suspect' hasn't shown up for work, nor has he called anybody since this all happened. i find that in itself pretty telling. don't you? the second guy has been goin to work. so i'm thinkin he didn't do it. i know if i had the cops on my ass-- i'd be gone just as quick as the other guy. i hope he didn't skip town. i want him in jail for what he did to me. dammit.

ooooh and on that happy note-- i have ta peeeeeeee all the sudden

happy --whatever day..