Thursday, November 26, 2009

who says i aint thankful ??

i am very thankful. for every- thing. and every body in my life.

today was a great day. exhausting. but great. i spent just as much time in the kitchen as i would have had i actually cooked the entire meal, rather than had most of it pre - cooked - only to re- heat. ugh. really. i will never go that route again. so to anyone who wished they'd have bought a pre-cooked meal? you missed nothing. except the wishing you had a home cooked meal. are we ever happy with what we have?
i wish we woulda gone out.
i wish we woulda stayed in.
i wish i didn't have to cook.

ya know?

it's always somethin.

but regardless.

i wouldn't trade it.

i would however trade this headache that hit me about an hour ago. it just want to hold on.

other than that.
good day.

i hope you all had happy days teeeeeewwwww

g'nite folks

has anybody seen my crock-pot ???

i have half of it -- and the lid, oh, and the cord. i just cannot seem to find the bottom part. the part that heats it all up. the heating element unit part. or whatever the hell ya call it. and of course y'all know, without that, my crock pot? she's useless ! just taking up space, and making me angry every time i see it. well the parts of it i do have. ummm, see. because there are things i would like too cook in it sometimes. like chili verde. perhaps with the fresh hatch green chili i have in my freezer. especially with audrey here. that happens to be my 'specialty meal. something i make for all my "guests" - if time permits. and of course- we like it too-- it's cheap- easy- and quick-- not to mention -- de-li-cious! but noooo. i can't make it . cuz my crock pot is missing it's ass. dammit!
i also came across a yummy sounding cranberry roast recipe. yeh, me too. i never heard of such a thing. but it was like 4 ingredients- throw it in a crock pot-- ooooh sounds delightful!!! can i even attempt to TRY it? oh hell no. why? yup. cuz my crock pot is missin it's ass!

oh geesh-- i just remembered something-- it's Thanksgiving today !!!! i spose i'm not sounding very thankful am i? wonder why? maybe cuz my crock pot-- i'm kiddin , i won't say that again. but really. i have been lookin for it for weeks. where could it be? things like that don't just walk out of the kitchen. i have looked every-where. even the laundry room closets-- and the garage! no idea where my senile mind may have put that. grrrrr.

ok. my apologies. again.

happy Thanksgiving to every one of my peeps out there. i hope none of you are alone-- or lonely today.

SMOCHA --- go get some chips and go thrift shoppin. treat it like just another day and it will 'be' just another day. i love you!! call me.
everybody go give smocha a shout out-- it's not a holiday in England-- but she's there and she's with just her kitties today.

am i the only one out here who's gettin lazy and old? this won't be happening for Christmas -- seein as Soulkid was pretty upset at the whole idea.. and we ended up spendin twice as much buyin a second meal at the grocery store --- for Her to COOK-- along with dessert. but i just didn't feel like doin up the whole holiday meal cooking and mess thing, so i ordered a pre-cooked meal -- which included a fried (cajun) turkey, and all the sides, that soulman picked up yesterday.
well -- that just didn't go over well with soulkid. it was way too non traditional for her... plus considering last years holidays-- she wanted to right the wrong.
i can understand that. right? i feel the same way. i just don't feel that way about thanksgiving. apparently she does. i thought the importance of it all was all about Christmas, because it has been such a mess around here for so long-- but yeh, last year was --- well, ok 2 years--- or uhh, maybe 15 years-- BLEH--- ok-- we have a lot of making up to do. it can't even Be done. all we can do is start over. right?

so. soulkid was a little more offended that i thought she'd be about not cooking. i didn't really think she'd care- to be honest. i knew she didn't want to go out to eat. so at least we were eating here. right? ummm, wrong. not good enough. so, she insisted that HER meal be bought RAW, and SHE would, because she wanted to-- cook it herself. just a cornish hen, she would eat some of the other stuff. oh but she would make rice crispy treats. :))

oh, i don't know-- i don't think that is comin together at all is it? i prolly coulda said it in three sentences or less. i swear my mind is just goin bye bye people.

anyhow-- this is the most expensive Thanksgiving "double" meal we've had in years. (only double meal actually). you know once you get in the store the day before thanksgiving you toss 100 down before ya can blink. and of course the pre-cooked meal , that is supposed to save you time and money--- does not. ugh. we shoulda stuck with the kids idea. 3-4 cornish hens, a few taters, a couple pies, a couple cans of green beans. but nooooooo. we get sucked in to the whole -- gotta have a fried turkey--- oh but wait lady, we also have this, and this, and this toooo. (for a fee).

then-- oh what about dessert? and drinks? and soukid wants a baby-chicken. SOAB.

and now guess who's at my front door? yep-- the kitty cat. even she wants food.

oh-- i didn't tell ya -- i finally got window blinds in my office. they look so much better. it seems like it took forever since they measured them, til they installed them yesterday. i can't put a pic up right now cuz my camera is in my room and soulman is asleep still. but i will put a pic up later. they are on the window where our christmas tree is gonna go.

y'all have NO idea how many YEARS it's been since we have had a front window to put our tree in front of. i am actually excited! you don't realize it -- but that is a good thing. :))