Saturday, November 7, 2009

i saw a falling star -- but forgot my own wish !

howdy y'all

oh lawdy-- not the underling. geesh. you know i hate that. and i bet y'all do too. know the weird part? i only notice it on mine and my sisters posts. WTH is up with that?
there's gotta be a way to make it STOP. (perhaps, moving down?)

TADA! it worked!

ok-- so anyways ... the title-- i really did see a shooting star. it was several nights ago. i'm so senile that it actually took like five whole seconds to even realize it was a shooting star. yes, i did feel stupid, thank you. when i did realize-- i told soulman,
"hey look, a shooting star!"
he said.. "make a wish!"
by then it was a mere ash the size of a fire-fly , but i did have my half a second left to make my wish -- so i did.
it wasn't til this morning , that i even remembered a thing about the entire experience-- and i think that was Halloween night. i really do wonder sometimes if my mind is on it's way out the door. i remember nothing. well.. short term mostly. but isn't that how it goes? the short term memory goes-- then it all goes? i seriously worry about altzheimers . i joke a lot -- but isn't that how a lot of folks deal with things?

how the hell did i go from wishing on a shooting star, to that?

i think i shall move on now.

i haven't forgotten what happened last night . do ya wanna hear about it? it was actually kinda funny--- which beats yesterdays post.

so, anyhow- we've been trying to get out and do stuff more together-- which usually ends up bein goin to the movies. it's something we all like to do, and can usually agree on. and one came out yesterday that we all wanted to see-- only for the fact that it had
THIS in it---

y'all know, i couldn't pass up a movie that was based around
MY number.

so. what movie was it?
it was THIS movie:

and i do NOT recommend it !
i don't think i would even say wait for the DVD.
i don't think it's worth watching at ALL!
and the only thing that sucked us into paying to see it?

but wait, there's more. :))
isn't there always? the theater we went to was one of those was that serve real food , and have real chairs. (know what i mean?) anyways, the chairs are similar to nice desk chairs. that's why we like to go there, cuz they are good for my back.. they kind of recline, they aren't attached etc. , and they sit up next to a long low bar type table thing. anyhow-
so anyhow...we get there, and there is nowhere left with three seats together. so the usher guy had a lady and her daughter-- maybe 12 years old, shift down, one seat... actually they added a chair, they merely had to slide over a little to make room. (yes, as a matter of fact, we were pretty embarrassed about the whole thing) -- but it gets even better. i already felt like we were causing a scene.. a chair being dragged in, us standing waiting, these people bein asked to move down, the entire schmele (?) --
but then--- the woman lets her displeasure be publicly displayed. not only embarrassing us further-- but herself, and surely mortifying her daughter as well.
how? well, she gets up, storms out, leaves her kid there.. then five minutes later, she comes whippin back in there in some kinda flippant "too good to sit near anyone " rage -- grabs her keys of the table , grabs her kid, and loudly says.. "we're leaving". then they storm outta there, as if, the entire theater should be offended, or feel bad that their night was disrupted.
ha! no one cared. some chuckled. there were a couple WTH's, and i just quietly said 'good for you'. soulman just looked at me dumbfounded, and soulkid had no idea what just happened---or why. i did feel a tiny bit bad -- but hey-- it wasn't that horrible for them.. they only had to move like 6 inches. after they were gone.. so were my bad feelins, and my embarrassment. she made me think of my mother. it was sooooo like something she would do. cause a scene, act like that-- like she owned the place, and was inconvenienced. how dare you. etc. oh lawd. i was glad they were gone actually.
just a few minutes after they left and everything settled down-- the movie started. i was just gettin comfy and settled in to watch-- what i thought would be a good movie-- and i swear to you--- every fifteen minutes for the first hour or more of the movie--- food kept coming. and coming. and coming! i began wondering if this woman was somehow text ordering food-- just to spite me. first it was cheese fries.
no-- they left.
then it was kids chicken strips-
no, they left.
then--- it was a mr. pibb...
no, maybe he ordered it-- i point to soulman. (nope)
next? frickin quesadillas!
NO-- i didn't order those!
yep-- i was gettin more and more peeved every time they came by-- i wanted to watch the movie. ugh. geesh. WTH. by the third time-- soulman was crackin up!
was i? NO-- i found NO humor in payin for a movie-- a bad movie no less-- that i was missing. for food -- and lots of it-- that i didn't even ask for.
oh but wait -- there was more-- only one more-- but this is when they finally got it--- i was NOT ordering food!!!!
"chicken wings ma'am?"
"i don't know a damn thing about no chicken wings!" (in my devil voice)
soulman laughed out loud-- soulkid was sitting between us--and i still heard him. i did finally see the humor-- which was good-- because if i didn't? i might have hit the next server -- just for good measure. good thing there wasn't one. :))
and, i spose it was good that it was a crappy movie. cuz i just couldn't believe how often it was interrupted by food i had no desire to eat. (and why me? -- oh.. cuz i was at the bitches end-- where 'she woulda been -- if she hadn't have left in a huff-- the whiney bitch. i bet i ruined her entire month. she'll be mad at me for weeks..and i will only laugh at her. what a dumbass.)

so anyhow-- there's my movie critique of the week-- save your money and go see the next on your list!

ok i'm gone-- today is chore day for me.
what are yeeew doin?
whatever it is -- have fun!