Sunday, November 23, 2008

i just wanna be normal ---

howdy peoples

i have been awake since around 7-ish, and i just now --- at 830 -- realized it is sunday. all morning i thought it was monday, and was planning my day as such. ugh. y'all, i am seriously beginning to worry about my brain.
in fact, i watched House on TV last night-- would you believe some woman on there had a lung clot-- what a cowinkydink eh? well, one thing they did on there-- that they didn't do for me-- was-- check to see if her brain function had been compromised. i'm tellin ya-- somethin happened to my brain. it just aint right. wonder if it'll go back to it's already bad memory self, or stay like this??? cuz "this is just not good.

onto other things.
i did manage to cover myself in the birthday gift department. didn't even have to leave the house. last night hubby was cruisin online sales and auctions for amplifiers-- for his new guitar-- oh, and pedals too. well, he only had enough money left from his guitar money for the pedal.. so i told him i had enough on one of my credit cards for the amp he wanted-- which he STOLE-- the dude wanted 300-- used-- then called him back and told him he'd take 130.00 cuz he really needed the money. i almost feel bad payin so little , but i told him to use my card and paypal it. so gift is a done deal.

only thing about that? i'm already tempted to find an apartment on the side-- because of his guitar playing--and soulkids music blasting thru the poor acoustics of this house-- i haven't been able to get out much to escape from the noise-- now that it's gettin cold-- i know i won't be goin anywhere --
they want to kill me i think. i just cannot handle noise like that. i haven't tolerated noise well for years. it's a real "condition"... but -- it's mine--- not theirs. but it literally makes me hurt, and angry, and panicky and miserable.
but hey-- it makes them happy-- not my being miserable-- but their music.
so what can i do?
i just don't know--- i really wouldn't get an apartment-y'all know that.
i do need some lead ear muffs i think. do they make those?? :))

yes i know i am rather bitchy today. i have an excuse tho--- maybe a couple.
yesterday-- soulkid had her turn... we both did actually-- we both went from ok to arguing throughout the day.... my freakin headache was my excuse-- yep the same damn headache i had for days. and her excuse was-- i have craaaaaamps. oh the joys of a teenage girl in the home. so i went to bed at like 6 pm last night-- just to get away from it all. the noise the bickering, and to just rest and hope my headache would go away.

i didn't go to sleep til like 11 or 12 i think, but i hid out for hours.
this morning i had a visitor-- yep you guessed it-- aunt flo knocked on my door. isn't it weird how women living together do get on or near the same cycle? just imagine poor soulman. i really do pity him at these times. and i try to remind him to try to ignore us---or even just go fishin or somethin. he caught the brunt of soulkids rage yesterday too----- so-- he was reeeeeal happy to hear this morning, that I have "IT" too. :)) -- but he is such an understanding guy-- he said-- that's why you two have been arguing. :)) i still pity him. i know the men know just what i mean.
but hey-- on the bright side?
90 % of my migraines are pms related, so it is gone now... finally. i almost forgot what it was like to be headache-less. maybe i can accomplish something today?

speaking of such things-- that i prolly shouldn't have-- :))
but did anyhow--

yesterdaY soulkid told me i should have a baby !!!!! OMG NO!!
i told her-- i'm too old to have a damn baby! i can barely take care of myself.
i considered it (we did) when she was like 5. but hell no, not now. i am soooo done with kids. i'll wait for the grand baby thank you. and Lord i pray that isn't any time soon.

so anyhow-- i really have nothin else to talk about. i could complain. i would have lots to say in that department--- but i'm as sick of that as y'all are. i really need to work on my attitude. with winter looming-- and so much to catch up on-- it does make it tough. but i try.

so-- i will let y'all go--
and i hope you have happy days today in your worlds---