Sunday, December 5, 2010

sunday stuff in soulland

hiya peoples!
what's goinin on in your worlds today? hopefully all is well with you and yours. i reckon i can''t complain in mine. ha! for once. today is actually goin pretty good.  i've even been doin some cleaning and other much needed things around the house.

you may have noticed i haven't been around much this past week... that would be because i have felt like absolute dog poop.  run over and set on fire -- twice.   OMG.  you wouldn't believe it.  remember how i was just tellin y'all how my meds were workin, and i was feelin better and all that??  well, i think it was wednesday.  i woke up- with plans to take soulkid to school, and her weekly appointment, just like every wednesday.  except for the fact that i couldn't breathe, or open my eyes!  my mouth and throat felt like something died in there, and got trapped on the way down.  not to mention the fact that i felt like my heart was about to blow out of my chest!  hell.  i didn't know what to think.  or do.  hubby was at work, so i got up and went to wash my face and 'see' WTH was goin on.  what did i see when i looked in the mirror????   i can't show you the real me... but it was similar -- prolly worse -- yeh.. it was worse --- but close to THIS:

it was awful! at first i thought i was gonna have to go out like that and get the child to her appointments.  but the longer i sat there trying to feel better -- the worse i felt.  and the more i realized what a stupid move driving would be.  (obviously, i couldn't see) so.  i rescheduled both of her things, and spent the rest of the day feeling like the elephant man ... wondering WTF happened to me.
 this was obviously NOT  a cold. so if not a cold-- WTH was it?
 i remembered, i had just started a new and different med for sleep two nights before. (that wasn't working.  in fact it was doing the opposite, and making it harder to get to sleep).  i had been having a lot of trouble sleeping .. i always do- but really, i'm gettin sick of it, and am taking way to much xanax (the only thing that works) - so thought i'd ask for something new.  anyhow- that was my first thought.  aha! i'm allergic to the new med.  maybe.
i of course get online and begin checking the symptoms of allergic reactions of this med.  they do seem to match a lot of what i had goin on.  but after a while - after calling my dr. and getting the no brainer 'don't take any more ' response- that i had already expected.    -- i started thinking of anything else that may have caused it.  i mean i really looked and felt bad.  and it came on so sudden - it had to be something.  and it wasn't a cold.  and i don't have 'allergies'.  then i remembered the other new med they gave me at the VA -- when was that? almost two weeks , right?  i thought that would make more sense than something i had taken only two times.  so i got back online and checked that med.  i asked them before i took it too-- about taking TWO steroids.  because i already take one every day for 'addisons' as it is.  so i was a bit worried about side effects before i even took the stuff. they said -- 'no, don't worry, it'll be fine.'  hmmmmph. well.  fine, my ass.  the more i read, the more it made sense.  it was that med.  the new and additional steroid.  i had steroid overload.  which led to steroid face.  i checked my blood pressure-- it was high.  i was nauseated.  my eyes were swollen, my throat was hoarse and it hurt to talk or eat.  UGH.  this went on for THREE days.  needless to say i did not leave the house.  yesterday was the first day since tuesday that i left my front door.  do i have to say it again y'all?  cuz i think you know already.  i hate doctors!  even tho i questioned them, and didn't want to take two steroids... they gave it to me -- and i exploded.  bleh.  i don't know if it's an allergy to that new steroid, or if it was just an overload since they added that and raised mine.  but i obviously stopped that one and i cut mine down some.  now i'm back to normal.  but man that was a rough few days... my pants didn't even fit!!!!  have i mentioned the fact that i hate taking medicine?  well i do!

anyhow- today, i feel pretty good.  considering the last several.  i also have nothin else to say since i have done nothing and gone nowhere lately.  unlike the child.  she has been turned loose many times with my car, and is loving it.  i can't believe she finally got her drivers license.  or the fact that i let her drive my car.  it's very nerve wracking.  so far she hasn't wrecked it or got a ticket.  i pray constantly while she's out.  it wouldn't hurt any if y'all shot a prayer or two up in her favor once in a while :))  she's scary behind the wheel sometimes.  other times she does pretty good tho.  i actually dozed off one time while she was driving-- i haven't done that in several years-- no matter who was driving.  so that's sayin somethin.  :))

well- aside from that? our wood floor installation should be completed by tomorrow night -- so stay tuned for photos of that.  i'm excited !!!

happy sunday in your worlds folks !