Sunday, August 5, 2007


hi all.
well, y'all know my daughter has gone to visit her gramma (hubbys mom) in NM recently. it's her first time away from home for any length of time. well, she actually attempted it one time before, also to her grammas, same one... she was maybe hmmm 8 or 9 ish.... it was to be only five days that time. she lasted three. i drove her out there, and planned to pick her up. well... she was to stay longer than she did, but she didn't make it...i was back...on a plane, cuz my back couldn't handle driving that much that soon... in three days. ugh boy. but, she was much younger, we understood. i stayed a few extra days and made a visit of my own, and all was fine.

well anyhow, this morning, i woke up at like 530... the dogs wanted out...that's always fun... panting, whining dogs at zero dark thirty. not. so i got up , let them out, got coffee goin, all that good first morning routine stuff. as soon as i sat down..i do mean as SOON as i sat down... my phone went off. it sounded like my alarm, so my first thought was , hmm hubby musta set the alarm to go fishin, cuz we had talked about going fishing early , last night. so i look at it, at it was a text msg from my daughter!

"mom, please be up...i'm sick, i can't breath, if you're up call me. please say you're up. i love you."

OMG! she's twelve hours away from was like 430 am there...i knew her gramma and uncle were sleeping. so she's there all "alone" feeling like this. so, obviously, i call her on her cell right away. the poor baby (13, but MY baby) is crying, and hyperventilating, and the relief in her voice in hearing my voice was intense. a deflating balloon, and even more tears, and more hyperventilating. it broke my heart!!! i tried my best to calm her down. i tried to get her to go wake up her gramma but she was afraid she would get mad at her...even though i insisted and KNEW that she would not. she just isn't like that. she wouldn't wake up her uncle either. by now , hubby has heard me on the phone in my own "panic"...and he got up. it was horrible. she is so far away, having a full blown panic attack, and there was nothing i could do !!!

it took at least thirty minutes to get her breathing slowed down. she was still crying, but she could breathe. she was still too afraid to wake up anyone, or even to just go crawl into bed with gramma... by now, i had exhausted everything i knew how to say... so i offered the phone to hubby...he talked to her only for a moment, then i guess his mom woke up, hearing the girl crying etc on the phone, so he ended up talking to her for a while first. so i feel better knowing that she is aware of how my girl is feeling, and they were going to go lay down together. then he talked to our girl, and we will obviously be getting arrangements made to get her home sooner than planned. probably tuesday. the tenth was too long, and we all knew it. but i had no idea it would end with a panic least not on a thirteen year olds part. geesh. what a way to start my day.

y'all say a prayer for my baby to be ok. she really worries about too much for her age. she worries a lot about me and my health. she worries about her dad...she of course worries about her pets....because we had the one get run over last year... worry worry worry. all that, on top of being plane ole homesick? yep, it's time to bring her on home.

well... on that "happy" note... i think we just may go fish a little and try to ease some stress til we can actually get something about this done.

y'all have good days!